Saving Money by Dropping Caffeine Habit

Yor health muscle buildingKhanh Ngo was your typical college student, eating and drinking whatever he could get his hands on from the 24/7 student cafeteria at his university. The YORHealth co-founder describes Ngo as a determined young man who struggled to gain weight throughout high school but had no problem packing on the pounds as a college freshman. However, Ngo’s extra weight wasn’t what he really wanted.

Ngo started college 20 pounds underweight. It did not take long, however, for his rigorous schedule and unlimited access to junk food for him to gain 20 pounds of fat around his midsection. The YOR customer had wanted to gain weight but his desire was for muscle and not fat. The extra pounds coupled with the poor diet left Ngo tired and unable to concentrate on classes or his full-time job. YOR Essential Vitamins were Ngo’s solution.

YOR Essential Vitamins replaced Ngo’s $40 weekly caffeine habit by giving him natural energy and boosting his stamina. Ngo has also swapped his nightly cafeteria trips for a sugar-free YOR Shake. With just 140 cal per serving, YOR Shake offers a boost of nutrition without the crash that Ngo was so used to when drinking coffee and energy drinks all day long.

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