Dennis Wong and YOR Health Spotlight Jonathan Browne

Dennis Wong YOR HealthNavy veteran Jonathan Brown is a martial arts expert whose outside never reflected the poor performance of his inside, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health cofounder explains that Jonathan struggled with digestive issues, hunger, and chronic dehydration until he was finally fed up and wanted his inner strength back.

Jonathan realized one day during a heated sparring match that his young body was performing like someone twice his age. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health products were just what Jonathan needed to help his flexibility and stomach issues. Jonathan started first with YOR Essential Vitamins, which had the added and unexpected benefit of clearing his blemished skin. After several weeks, he realized that he was able to complete complex demonstrations without missing a beat.

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Dennis Wong: YOR Health Customer Iris Chau an Inspiration

Dennis Wong YOR HealthAt just 15-years-old, Brooklyn student Iris Chau lost her mother to liver cancer. 11 years later, Iris was determined not to be a statistic. Here, Dennis Wong of YOR Health shares Iris’ story.

Her freshman year in high school, Iris Chau’s mother became suddenly ill and passed away from liver cancer. In her depression, Iris retreated into herself, losing her confidence and spark for life. According to Dennis Wong, the YOR Health customer describes her teenage years as crushing, as she was neither popular nor pretty. By her senior year, Iris realized that she was meant for better things and hung on to the belief that she was supposed to be someone. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says Iris knew in her heart she was destined to achieve great things and to inspire others.
Iris got her chance shortly after entering college. She had gained the dreaded “Freshman 15” and was an overall emotional wreck, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health entered the picture just when Iris was at her lowest.

When Iris first heard about Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the company’s line of premium nutrition products, she was reluctant, fearing that she would fail to reach her weight loss goals even with the proper tools. However, after surrounding herself with an encouraging new network of friends, Iris realized she truly had nothing to lose.

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Jimmy Tran an Inspiration to Others Says Dennis Wong of YOR Health

Dennis Wong YOR HealthWith six children and two jobs Jimmy Tran has very little time to care for himself, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health became the answer to this foster father’s prayer when Jimmy’s health started to take a turn for the worse.

Jimmy Tran and his wife are like many other couples; they got married, had a couple of children, and settled into a suburban life in Lowell, Massachusetts. However, as Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains, the Trans were not destined to remain a small family for long. While the family were considering an expansion, the couple was presented an opportunity to foster not one, but four children. Without hesitation, the Trans agreed.

With four new mouths to feed, Jimmy, who already work a full-time job, added a part-time position to his busy schedule, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health cofounder notes that this hectic lifestyle did not take long to catch up to Jimmy, who quickly gained 50 pounds and was starting to feel sluggish and uncomfortable in his skin. Jimmy knew he had to do something but after a few months of working two jobs, living at the gym, and avoiding all the foods he loved, Jimmy wasn’t in much better shape. Enter Dennis Wong and YOR Health.

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Dennis Wong: YOR Health Spotlights Marlyn Rojas

Dennis Wong YOR HealthClear skin was little more than a dream for Marlyn Rojas before she discovered Dennis Wong and YOR Health, the company he cofounded with his sister more than a decade ago.

Marlyn Rojas realized she looked different from everyone before she had entered her teen years, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health cofounder explains that Marlyn suffered with severe acne and always felt like the ugly duckling among her friends. By middle school, Marlyn started using heavy makeup to cover the blemishes and scars on her young face.

In high school, Marlyn was shy and withdrawn. Dennis Wong says the YOR Health customer was often bullied because of the marks on her skin and suffered harassment every day. Making things worse was the media’s portrayal of beauty, which had no room for blemishes. Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains that Marlyn, like countless other young women in her condition, was left feeling as though she could never live up to the standards set by women such as Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian.

Around her 20th birthday, Marlyn decided she had had enough and began actively seeking a solution to her very visible problem. She found it, but it wasn’t what she expected, reports Dennis Wong. YOR Health’s YOR Essential Vitamins, recommended by a friend, became her saving grace. Although skeptical, Marlyn decided that it couldn’t hurt. Within three weeks, her skin was visibly clearer and brighter.

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Dennis Wong | YOR Health Customer Saves Money Dropping Caffeine Habit

Dennis Wong YOR HealthKhanh Ngo was your typical college student, eating and drinking whatever he could get his hands on from the 24/7 student cafeteria at his university, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health cofounder describes Ngo as a determined young man who struggled to gain weight throughout high school but had no problem packing on the pounds as a college freshman. However, Ngo’s extra weight wasn’t what he really wanted.

Ngo started college 20 pounds underweight. It did not take long, however, for his rigorous schedule and unlimited access to junk food for him to gain 20 pounds of fat around his midsection. According to Dennis Wong, the YOR Health customer had wanted to gain weight but his desire was for muscle and not fat. The extra pounds coupled with the poor diet left Ngo tired and unable to concentrate on classes or his full-time job, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health’s YOR Essential Vitamins were Ngo’s solution.

Dennis Wong says YOR Health’s YOR Essential Vitamins replaced Ngo’s $40 weekly caffeine habit by giving him natural energy and boosting his stamina. Ngo has also swapped his nightly cafeteria trips for a sugar-free YOR Shake. With just 140 cal per serving, YOR Shake offers a boost of nutrition without the crash that Ngo was so used to when drinking coffee and energy drinks all day long.

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John Nadeau Finds Hope with Dennis Wong, YOR Health

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong of YOR Health serves as an inspiration to thousands of people across the globe. John Nadeau is one of these people, who found himself in total disbelief when Wong’s company’s products helped him lose 40 pounds.

Q: How did YOR Health first help John Nadeau make a change in his life?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: John joined the company first as a way to make extra money, thinking that money would equate to unquestionable happiness. While we were certainly glad to have him on board, his mentor, Mercedes Tran, helped John understand that YOR Health’s primary mission was to start a health and wellness revolution.

Q: We understand that John struggled with his weight. Did that play a part in his desire for financial security?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: It absolutely did. John always felt that being fat was ingrained into his DNA and that if he was going to be overweight, he may as well strive to have the money to simply buy the things that thin people had. He thought money could get him friends, relationships, and respect.

Q: And did money make him happy?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: What John realized once he actually started to take products for himself was that it was never really money he was chasing. John lost about 40 pounds and built a network of friends across the country. This new group was made up of people that “got” him and understood the need to fill the void. Thankfully, John not only regained his health, but also found financial independence and a community of like-minded people.

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Dennis Wong: YOR Health Customer Rob Tomaino Beats Father Time

Dennis Wong YOR HealthRob Tomaino looked like every other dad-coach at the baseball field – he was a little bit overweight and softer around the center than he was in his 20s, says Dennis Wong. Here, the YOR Health cofounder explains how Rob dropped 48 pounds and uncovered the body he thought he’d lost.

Q: What prompted Rob Tomaino to try YOR Health products in the first place?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Rob realized around his 40th birthday that he was suddenly rundown and had no mental focus whatsoever. His chronic fatigue and inability to concentrate had begun to affect every aspect of his life, including his relationships and career. He finally decided to seek out ways to improve his energy levels.

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