YOR Health Spotlights Australian Football Star Matthew Bate

Dennis Wong YOR Health

Football is a sport enjoyed across the globe and followed by millions of people, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health brand ambassador Matthew Bate is a player from Down Under who says he’s performing at a higher level because of his newfound nutrition plan. Here, Wong offers fast facts about the Melbourne Demon.

Matthew Bate was drafted at just 17-years old.

While finishing high school, Bate was such a standout player that he was drafted by the Melbourne Demons at age 17, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health reports that Bate was a 1st round pick (13th overall), beating out players with decades more experience.

He won the Morrish Medal before his 18th birthday.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health ambassador Matthew Bate won the Morrish Medal his first year in the professional leagues. This award is given only to the best and most promising players in Australian Rules football.

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Dennis Wong and YOR Health Highlight Ambassador Michelle Barton

Dennis Wong YOR Health

Ultrarunner Michelle Barton is an inspiration to young women across the globe, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health products have become an integral part of her daily training routine. In this Q&A, Wong offers insight on one of YOR Health’s fastest fans.

Q: Who is Michelle Barton?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Michelle is a world-famous ultrarunner. At just 40 years old, she has accomplished more than 60 victories on tracks all over the country. She found international fame when she won the 135-mile Badwater Buckle race in Death Valley in 2010.

Q: How is an ultramarathon different from a regular marathon?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: An ultramarathon is essentially any race that is longer than 26.219 miles (traditional marathon length). These extended distance events often take place over treacherous terrain such as mountains, dirt roads, and secluded locations, though typically event organizers plan for aid stations every 12 to 24 miles.

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“Hot Girl” Shevon Stoddart a Proud Olympian

Dennis Wong YOR Health

Shevon Stoddart is a two-time Olympian and an unbelievably talented musician, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health is proud to have forged a relationship with Stoddart, who is an avid supporter of YOR Health products and the lifestyle that comes with them.

Q: Who is Shevon Stoddart?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Shevon is an athlete and musician born in Jamaica. She was raised in New York and currently serves as an advocate of YOR Health.

Q: What are Shevon’s athletic accomplishments?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: The 33 year old Stoddart is currently listed as one of the top ten hurdlers in the world. She won a Bronze Medal at the Central American and Caribbean Championships in 2005. In 2006, she placed 5th at the Commonwealth Games, then returned to the Central American and Caribbean Games, where she took Silver. She was a team member on the Jamaican track and field teams three separate times – 2004, 2008, and 2012.

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A Dozen Days, A Dozen Ways to Show Your Stuff, Says Dennis Wong, YOR Health

Dennis Wong YOR Health‘Tis the Season and YOR Health jumped into the Holiday Spirit with the #YOR12DAYS giveaway.

Q: What is #YOR12DAYS?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: #YOR12DAYS is a brand new YOR Health Instagram campaign that allows customers and IRs to show off the things that make the season so bright. It’s easy to enter; all it takes is a hashtag and creative mind. Each day for the first twelve days of December, Instagram users can tag #YOR12DAYS on their themed photo – the theme changes every day. Each post is good for one entry into a drawing for a free Core Challenge Set.

Q: How many entries may I submit?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: There is no limit to the number of times that any one person can enter. And, the same photo may be submitted multiple days as long as it correlates to that days’ theme. The only catch is that you can only win once!

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Dennis Wong, YOR Health Co-Founder Reports 2014 YOR Health Annual Conference Unlike Any Other

Dennis Wong YOR HealthThe annual YOR Health Conference is credited with serving as a turning point in the career of countless YOR Health members. Below, Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder,  talks about highlights from the recent 2014 YOR Health conference and explains how members benefited by attending this event.

Q: The 2014 YOR Health Annual Conference took place in July. What did attendees take away from this event?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder: This year’s conference was an amazing event. We had great guest speakers and attendees were able to take away a hand full of sales tools, knowledge and inspiration. The conference is a wonderful platform for rapid personal growth.

Q: Who were this year’s guest speakers?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder: We had a star-studded line-up of speakers. This year’s speakers included some of the biggest names in politics, athletics, the fitness industry, business and science. Our guest speakers truly inspire and motivate attendees.

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Explanation of Three Elements of Happiness

Dennis WongFrom his humble beginnings in the slums of Hong Kong, Dennis Wong has risen miles above the threshold of poverty to be one of the most noted and successful Chinese entrepreneurs on the West Coast. His company, YOR Health, has helped countless people across the globe gain financial independence and greater health. Today, he shares his thoughts on the three pillars of creating Happiness.

What is happiness?

While this question has plagued philosophers for centuries, happiness is really a simple concept, says Dennis Wong. According to Dennis Wong, happiness is defined by each individual. However, he believes the basic formula is health, wealth and self-awareness. Illustrating this point, Dennis Wong explains that people are rarely unhappy when they are comfortable in their surroundings, physically well, and in the presence of those they love and whom they know love them back.

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YOR Health Founder Dennis Wong Answers Questions about Network Marketing

Dennis WongFor many individuals the decision to own a business is a life changing experience that requires a strong dedication to success and a huge financial commitment. Network marketing – becoming an Independent Representative for an existing company – is a viable alternative that typically allows considerably more flexibility than traditional entrepreneurship.

Q. Are there risks and fees associated with network marketing?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: In most cases there is a small start-up fee – This can be recovered with hard work and dedication.

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