Jimmy Tran, a Journey of Inspiration

https://denniswong.org/2017/02/01/dennis-wong-yor-health-customer-makes-leap-of-faith-for-family/Yor health benefits Jimmy TranWith six children and two jobs, Jimmy Tran has very little time to care for himself and became the answer to this foster father’s prayer when Jimmy’s health started to take a turn for the worse.

Jimmy Tran and his wife are like many other couples; they got married, had a couple of children, and settled into a suburban life in Lowell, Massachusetts. However, Tran’s was not destined to remain a small family for long. While the family was considering an expansion, the couple was presented an opportunity to foster not one, but four children. Without hesitation, the Trans agreed.

With four new mouths to feed, Jimmy, who already work a full-time job, added a part-time position to his busy schedule, says Dennis Wong. This hectic lifestyle did not take long to catch up to Jimmy, who quickly gained 50 pounds and was starting to feel sluggish and uncomfortable in his skin. Jimmy knew he had to do something but after a few months of working two jobs, living at the gym, and avoiding all the foods he loved, Jimmy wasn’t in much better shape.

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Dennis Wong Shares YOR Health Stories: Jessica Haar

Dennis Wong YOR HealthJessica Haar was raised by single yet doting father, two uncles, and grandfather. Without a woman’s influence, Jessica grew up “eating like a man.” In college, Jessica continued her masculine dining approach by drinking lots of beer and eating entirely too much fast food. Here, Dennis Wong of YOR Health shares how Jessica went from 185 pounds to a size four in less than a year.

Q: How did Jessica’s upbringing affect her relationship with food?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Jessica’s dad, who had two children by the age of 24, raised his family without the influence of a woman. He was busy all the time and never had a chance to sit down and have dinner with Jessica. This meant that Jessica had a casual relationship with food and never really considered it as anything other than a means to survive.

Q: Why was it so hard for Jessica to learn about nutrition as she entered high school?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: When Jessica started high school, she went from a chubby little girl to an active and attractive young athlete. She — along with boys she had known her entire life – begin to take notice of her changing body. Living in a small town, however, made it tough for Jessica to find anyone who could counsel her on her nutritional needs.

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Dennis Wong & YOR Health Testimonials | Andrew Wong

Dennis Wong YOR HealthBrooklyn, New York native Andrew Wong was always self-conscious about his skin. Growing up with acne, Andrew felt like he stuck out – and not in a good way. According to Dennis Wong (YOR Health co-founder, no relation to Andrew Wong), Andrew’s parents spent thousands of dollars on dermatologists and treatments that never worked. What Andrew found out later was that his acne was the result of poor nutrition on the inside and no amount of “bandaids” on the outside were going to clear his skin.

Dennis Wong says YOR Health YOR Essential Vitamins are formulated with two dozen vitamins and minerals including a proprietary blend of choline, sunflower seed oil, and lutein. In addition to boosting energy production and metabolism, YOR Essential Vitamins support healthy skin and offer a powerful 100 mg dose of the antioxidant CoQ10, which is vital for the basic function of all cells in the body.

YOR Essential Vitamins help people like Andrew overcome the widespread issue of vitamin deficiency. The U.S. Senate estimates that nearly 100% of Americans are vitamin deficient and the American Medical Association claims that most people simply don’t consume enough nutrients in their daily diet. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says for these reasons it’s imperative for most adults to supplement with high-quality vitamins.

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Dennis Wong & YOR Health Spotlight Sam Adorno

Dennis Wong YOR HealthSam Adorno was an active kid who loved riding his bicycle and running around the neighborhood. His energy levels remained high throughout high school, where he played both basketball and football, says Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder. Sam was 145 pounds at graduation and reports he had never considered that his health was going to take a back burner just a few short months later.

During his freshman year in college, Sam’s lifestyle changed drastically. He was no longer working out and playing sports daily. According to Dennis Wong of YOR Health, Sam gained weight rapidly and lost energy, self-confidence, and stamina. Things stayed relatively the same for Sam throughout his time in the university and he walked across the graduation stage carrying an extra 30 pounds around his midsection.

Sam knew he needed to make a change, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health was exactly what the Stratford, Connecticut, native needed to not only whittle away his excess belly but to help make ends meet. Sam was working a menial job and, like many young men and women finding their way in the professional world, struggled to keep his head above water.

Dennis Wong says YOR Health YOR CompleteBurn was the catalyst that spurred Sam’s push to take back his health. Within three months, Sam lost 18 of the 30 pounds he had gained and started feeling more like his true self. Sam’s weight loss is remarkable but even more so considering that during those crucial first 90 days, he barely even visited the gym.

Today, Sam’s daily routine consist of a YOR Shake for breakfast, a light lunch, and a dinner complete with lean protein and plenty of vegetables. Dennis Wong says YOR Health YOR CompleteBurn between meals and a work out a few times a week have helped Sam add shape to his reformed figure. Sam has taken control of both his health and his finances with the YOR Health line of nutrition.

Dennis Wong & YOR Health Proud to Introduce Nick Bartola

Dennis Wong YOR HealthNick Bartola is a lifelong athlete from New York who suffered with gastrointestinal issues from birth. Bloated and uncomfortable in his midsection, Nick turned to Dennis Wong and YOR Health for relief. He found it with YOR Shake, YOR Essential Vitamins, and YOR CompleteBurn.

As a teenager, Nick never really watched his weight, or his food intake. Coming from an Italian background, food was the focal point of each day, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health ’s co-founder explains that Nick ate pasta, cheese, and desserts nearly every meal. And that kind of diet left him sluggish and craving more carbs within the hour. Just after college, Nick got a job and began to play sports less often. A combination of excess carbs and a sedentary lifestyle left Nick not only gassy and irritable, but filling out in all the wrong ways. In other words, Nick was getting out of shape, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health was introduced to Nick just when he thought he was destined to finish his 20s with a premature “dad bod.”

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health YOR Shake and YOR Essential Vitamins were Nick’s first choice. Nick started drinking a YOR Shake in place of a heavy meal at least twice per day. When he noticed a slight decrease in his weight he soon added the YOR CompleteBurn, which helped him shed 20 pounds in just a few months. The YOR Essential Vitamins with CoQ10 are an added bonus for Nick, because the nutrients they provide have helped ease his tummy troubles, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health has had a huge impact on Nick’s lifestyle choices, and he recently started a daily regimen of the Probiotics.

Today, Nick is healthier than ever and credits YOR Health with opening his eyes to a new way to life…

Dennis Wong Says YOR Health Advocate Louis van Amstel a Living Legend


Creator of the LaBlast dance fitness program Louis van Amstel takes his YOR Essential Vitamins with him during his worldwide travels, says company co-founder Dennis Wong. YOR Health is pleased to present the following facts about the popular So You Think You Can Dance star.

Q: Who is Louis van Amstel?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Louis van Amstel is a world-renowned choreographer, dance instructor, and 3-time World Championship Ballroom Dancer. He appeared on Dancing with the Stars for nine seasons, coaching celebrities Neicy Nash, Kelly Osbourne, Lisa Renna, Priscilla Presley, Margaret Cho, and Sabrina Bryan.

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Hattie Boydle Inspires Us All, Says Dennis Wong, YOR Health Co-Founder

Dennis Wong YOR Health

Hattie Boydle is an Australian model and professional sports and fitness consultant, according to Dennis Wong. YOR Health is proud to list Boydle as a member of the company’s Athletic Advisory Board. Here, Wong answers some questions about one of YOR Health’s most prominent advocates.

Q: What is significant about Hattie Boydle’s sports modeling career?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: During her five years in the industry, Hattie has won numerous awards. In 2011, she was crowned the INBA Sports Model Champion. In 2013, she placed 1st in the ANB (Australian Natural Bodybuilding) Fitness Model Competition. She has been Miss Bikini Universe as well as Musclemania Model Champion.

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