YOR Health Helps Leo Bailey Overcome Fears

Dennis WongLeo Bailey tried everything to gain weight as a child. According to Dennis Wong, the YOR Health customer reports being 30 pounds or more underweight until he was a teenager. During these formative years, one of Leo’s family members warned him that should he ever get fat he would die a slow and lonely death.

By 16, Leo began, like all teenage boys, noticing changes in his body. Muscles began to develop and small fat deposits form around his chest and stomach. According to Dennis Wong of YOR Health, this transformation into adulthood was a scary time for Leo, who still held a fear of gaining weight from the words spoken so many years before. Leo, scared and afraid to admit his misgivings about his new adult body, secretly began to starve himself and work out to the point of physical and mental exhaustion.

Just after high school at 19, Leo got his first job, following in his friend’s footsteps straight to a local fast food restaurant, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health cofounder says this move had a profound effect on Leo, who soon began eating burgers and fries almost daily. Coffee, too, became a staple for the young man who began experiencing vertigo and hand tremors every time he got hungry. It only made sense to him to grab the closest food at hand, a mistake that would push this formerly vibrant California man into a deep depression.

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YOR Health Customer Overcomes Insecurities

Dennis WongJulio Acevedo was thin until college, when a sedentary lifestyle caught up with them. The once confident young man did everything to assure himself that he was still attractive and healthy, but, deep down, Julio felt like an atrocity. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says Julio is a perfect example of how men often hide their insecurities for fear of being seen as weak or vulnerable. In today’s post, Wong touches on two of the most common male self-esteem issues and assures reads they have nothing to be ashamed of.

Body image

Dennis Wong says YOR Health male customers often confide that they don’t feel like they are measuring up to other men. Wong says he has come to realize over the last decade that men are just as deeply affected by the media’s portrayal of the perfect body as women.


Since the dawn of time, men have been considered providers. Men have always been judged by their ability to bring home a bigger paycheck than their wives or partners. Dennis Wong of YOR Health acknowledges that this can be a difficult insecurity to overcome, that’s why his company offers independent business opportunities across the globe to people from all walks of life.

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“Caffeine Free and Full of Energy” – YOR Health Customer’s New Motto

Dennis WongKathleen Boostsri was a caffeine addict who consumed up to 500 mg of the methylxanthine central nervous system stimulant each day. According to Dennis Wong of YOR Health, Boostsri was headed down a dangerous path with her caffeine consumption. In 2008, she made a decision that would change her life, and possibly save it.

Bootsri first heard about Dennis Wong and YOR Health in 2008. She was a young professional who drank a combination of three to five energy drinks and cups of coffee each day. She was always jittery and struggled daily to focus in between caffeine crashes. Dennis Wong says YOR Health products, including YOR SuperGreens, YOR Essential Vitamins, and YOR Shake helped Bootsri kick the habit. She now enjoys a more robust and energetic life, without the ups and downs associated with caffeine.

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Customer Stories: Jackie de Santiago

Dennis WongJackie de Santiago was a 19-year-old new mom and wife when she began her struggle with self-image, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health customer went from 115 pounds to 150 pounds after the birth of her second child. In addition to the baby weight, Jackie begin cooking large meals for her small family. Reeling in a near depression after a devastating blow to her career with the untimely crumbling of the real estate market, Jackie began to eat to make her forget her sorrows.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health made an appearance in Jackie’s life from an unexpected source. Her husband had heard of the company and, in an effort to make ends meet for his family, signed up as a distributor. The Santiago family agreed that the best advertisement for their new business venture would be to regain control of their own health, reports Dennis Wong. YOR Health soon became a staple in the Santiago household.

Jackie first began her weight loss journey with YOR Shake She soon added YOR Essential Vitamins and, within a month, had lost 15 of her excess 45 pounds.

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YOR Health Helps Pablo Salas Spread Dangers of Obesity

Dennis WongPablo Salas is a 28-year-old from Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, who says Dennis Wong and YOR Health helped him open up a conversation about the dangers of obesity with his friends and family. Salas, who used to live by the motto, “better chubby and content than skinny and bitter,” says his own weight had a major impact on his life until he realized:

Obesity can cause a condition known as metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome, according to Dennis Wong of YOR Health, describes a grouping of factors that can raise a person’s risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Metabolic syndrome is most common in people with a large waistline in the overweight and obese category.

A poor diet can lead to diabetes.

More than 29 million Americans and 11 million people from just south of the border in Mexico are confirmed diabetic. A poor diet that includes an overload of carbohydrates and sugar and glaring lack of physical activity is the most common trigger of the disease, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains this is why his company’s most popular products don’t contain any added sugar.

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Ali Taner Develops Muscle, Praises YOR Health

Dennis Wong YOR HealthAli Taner had to make a choice between his health and education. He chose school, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains below how Taner reclaimed his health once he had his degree in hand.

Q: What was Ali Taner’s biggest complaint about his body?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Though Ali was never excessively overweight, he gained several pounds during college and had trouble developing muscle. To his disdain, he wasn’t as physically as capable as he knew he could be with proper training and nutrition.

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YOR Health Products Alleviate Lifelong Issues for New York Artist

Dennis Wong YOR HealthRobyn Baxter suffered with obesity, acne, lactose intolerance, and neck and back pain her entire life until she found YOR Health, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health’s YOR Shake along with YOR Essential Vitamins and YOR Digest Ultra have made all the difference for Robyn, who is now free to practice her craft sans the physical discomfort.

Q: How did Robyn Baxter’s weight affect her ability to work and go to school?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Robyn, from as young as she can remember, has been an artist. Constantly sitting in the same position, striving to get each brush stroke or pencil line just right. Her aches and pains, however, forced her to stop in the middle of each project. Things were no better in school, as Robyn’s stomach issues prevented her from paying attention and getting the most out of her education.

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