Spotlight: Jonathan Browne

Browne yor health success storyNavy veteran Jonathan Brown is a martial arts expert whose outside never reflected the poor performance of his inside, says Wong.  Jonathan struggled with digestive issues, hunger, and chronic dehydration until he was finally fed up and wanted his inner strength back.

Jonathan realized one day during a heated sparring match that his young body was performing like someone twice his age. YOR Health products were just what Jonathan needed to help his flexibility and stomach issues. Jonathan started first with YOR Essential Vitamins, which had the added and unexpected benefit of clearing his blemished skin. After several weeks, he realized that he was able to complete complex demonstrations without missing a beat.

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Dennis Wong Shares YOR Health Stories: Jessica Haar

Dennis Wong YOR HealthJessica Haar was raised by single yet doting father, two uncles, and grandfather. Without a woman’s influence, Jessica grew up “eating like a man.” In college, Jessica continued her masculine dining approach by drinking lots of beer and eating entirely too much fast food. Here, Dennis Wong of YOR Health shares how Jessica went from 185 pounds to a size four in less than a year.

Q: How did Jessica’s upbringing affect her relationship with food?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Jessica’s dad, who had two children by the age of 24, raised his family without the influence of a woman. He was busy all the time and never had a chance to sit down and have dinner with Jessica. This meant that Jessica had a casual relationship with food and never really considered it as anything other than a means to survive.

Q: Why was it so hard for Jessica to learn about nutrition as she entered high school?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: When Jessica started high school, she went from a chubby little girl to an active and attractive young athlete. She — along with boys she had known her entire life – begin to take notice of her changing body. Living in a small town, however, made it tough for Jessica to find anyone who could counsel her on her nutritional needs.

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Clear Skin is just the Beginning

Dennis Wong YOR HealthBen Howard used to hide in the shadows, despite being in the limelight, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains how Howard overcame his skin problems and gained the confidence to face the world in the following brief interview.

Q: How did Ben Howard’s life as a musician affect his ability to maintain a proper hygiene routine?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Ben spent most of his summers traveling from venue to venue. On these trips, he would be sometimes go without access to a bathroom for days at a time. This was problematic since Ben performed outdoors on most occasions and would sweat profusely. He also ate a poor diet during these concerts, stuffing whatever he could get for free into his mouth between sets.

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Tips to Gain Muscle

Dennis Wong YOR HealthAchieving your fitness goals is tough, acknowledges Dennis Wong of YOR Health. But it is possible with a little persistence and the right balance of nutrition. Here, Wong discusses one success story and shares insight on how to lose weight and gain muscle.

Q: How did Kevin Nadolny sabotaged his own fitness routine?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Kevin spent years keeping up with the same workout routine but never did anything to boost his nutrition. As a result, Kevin remained thin but lacked the muscle definition he so desired. Today, Kevin varies his routine from day to day and plays soccer at least once a week. He has also supplemented his diet with YOR Shake.

Q: How has this helped?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: By adding additional protein, Kevin’s body was able to more efficiently build muscles.

Q: Is protein the secret to gaining muscle and losing fat?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: There is no real secret to doing so. However, protein is essential for both. Additionally, the body uses protein to make hormones and enzymes and is one of the major building blocks of skin, cartilage, bone, and blood. People who lack protein in their diet cannot build and repair tissues as effectively as those who consume meat, nuts, or other sources.

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YOR SuperGreens a Tasty Treat

Dennis Wong YOR HealthHelen Jiang, a YOR Health customer from New Jersey, is anti-vegetable at the dinner table, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder here explains how Jiang gets her daily dose of fiber in a delicious diversion from all forms of garden fare.

Q: What is YOR SuperGreens?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: YOR SuperGreens is a drink mix offered exclusively by YOR Health. Each serving whips up a winning combination equivalent to 24 fruits and vegetables, offering support for every system and cell in the body. Packed full of enzymes, antioxidants, and probiotics, YOR SuperGreens’ vegetable extracts are a natural way to restore energy and maintain regularity.

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Chronic Fatigue Affects College Students

Dennis Wong YOR HealthAmatusitaar Blanchette is a college student from the Bronx who suffered with chronic fatigue for years before realizing that sugar and energy drinks were not the answer. In today’s brief post, Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains how Amatusitaar beat the beast of excessive tiredness.

Q: Amatusitaar Blanchette is a college student with a full-time job. Isn’t it normal for someone in her position to be exhausted?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Being exhausted and being chronically fatigued are two very different things. While going to school and working definitely take a toll on the body, at her young age, Amatusitaar should not have been falling asleep every few hours. The problem was that she simply wasn’t getting the right amount of nutrition and thought that coffee and energy drinks would keep her going. They did not.

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Emotional Issues Related to Weight

Dennis Wong YOR HealthRae Estupinan lost the love of his life due to rapid and significant weight gain. Here, Dennis Wong of YOR Health – the company Estupinan credits with saving his life – discusses how weight changed the way Estupinan looked on the outside, felt inside, and was viewed by others.

Q: What triggered Estupinan’s weight gain?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Rae grew up in a large Ecuadorian family. He “lived off the land,” eating healthy, organic foods. Though always a big eater, as is his family’s tradition, Rae remained lean and healthy. Upon moving to the US, Rae’s lifestyle changed dramatically. He was no longer as active as he was on his family farm and he gained 70 pounds in six months, despite not changing his diet.

Q: That is a great deal of weight to put on in such a short time. How did it affect his relationships?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Soon after Rae arrived in New York, he met the women he thought he was destined to marry. They were happy for a short time until his weight began to interfere. He was no longer the man she met; he had transformed into an unhealthy and insecure person. She tried to encourage him to lose weight, but he couldn’t. Feeling like his weight was an unfair burden on her, Rae’s girlfriend left the relationship.

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