Spotlight: Jonathan Browne

Browne yor health success storyNavy veteran Jonathan Brown is a martial arts expert whose outside never reflected the poor performance of his inside, says Wong.  Jonathan struggled with digestive issues, hunger, and chronic dehydration until he was finally fed up and wanted his inner strength back.

Jonathan realized one day during a heated sparring match that his young body was performing like someone twice his age. YOR Health products were just what Jonathan needed to help his flexibility and stomach issues. Jonathan started first with YOR Essential Vitamins, which had the added and unexpected benefit of clearing his blemished skin. After several weeks, he realized that he was able to complete complex demonstrations without missing a beat.

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YOR Health Products Alleviate Lifelong Issues for New York Artist

Dennis Wong YOR HealthRobyn Baxter suffered with obesity, acne, lactose intolerance, and neck and back pain her entire life until she found YOR Health, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health’s YOR Shake along with YOR Essential Vitamins and YOR Digest Ultra have made all the difference for Robyn, who is now free to practice her craft sans the physical discomfort.

Q: How did Robyn Baxter’s weight affect her ability to work and go to school?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Robyn, from as young as she can remember, has been an artist. Constantly sitting in the same position, striving to get each brush stroke or pencil line just right. Her aches and pains, however, forced her to stop in the middle of each project. Things were no better in school, as Robyn’s stomach issues prevented her from paying attention and getting the most out of her education.

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YOR Health Spotlights Adan Costas

Dennis Wong YOR HealthA busy college student, Adan Costas got by day to day on energy drinks and candy bars until he discovered a new way to power his body. Here, Dennis Wong of YOR Health outlines Costas’ story and explains how the Courtepin, Friborg-Switzerland, college student turned his life around.

Q: What kind of diet did Adan Costas have when he discovered YOR Health?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Adan tried to eat healthy, but he was always in a hurry and had to eat on-the-go. His usual morning meal was comprised of coffee or an energy drink and a candy bar. Basically, he ate what he could get at the train station on his way to school. Continue reading

YOR Health Discusses Common Digestive Ailments

Dennis Wong YOR HealthAccording to Dennis Wong of YOR Health, digestive issues remain among the most prevalent illnesses in the United States. Poor Western diets, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle tend to disrupt proper nutrient absorption and digestive function. Here, Wong discusses common digestive problems, including those suffered by Michael Pascual of Long Beach, California.

Q: What is gastroesophageal reflux disease?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a condition where stomach acid literally backs up into the esophagus. This is called acid reflux and results in a burning painful sensation in the middle of the chest. It’s most common at night or after a heavy meal.
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YOR Health Customer Makes Leap of Faith for Family

Dennis WongFrank Rojas sacrificed his physical health to make a better life for his young family. However, according to Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, Rojas was headed down a path that could easily take him from his wife and child.

Q: How did Frank Rojas change his eating and exercise habits once he learned he was to become a father?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Frank had always been a fit and active specimen of perfect health. However, when his girlfriend announced their impending parenthood, he immediately went into protective father mode, working as much as he could to ensure a better life for his child. This meant regular late-night stops at McDonald’s and less time to exercise.

Q: Is this normal for new parents?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: The majority of new moms and dads I have known tend to switch their focus sharply from themselves and their own health toward the well-being of their children. This is a perfectly normal reaction but one that can have unwanted consequences. A lack of exercise and poor diet can lead to long-term health conditions that can ultimately make it more difficult to spend time with those you love the most.

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Spotlight Customer Fermin Meza

Dennis Wong YOR HealthFermin Meza learned to walk away from the “Big T” diet thanks to YOR Health. The El Monte, California, man grew up eating traditional Mexican fare, not realizing that his home cooked meals might be unhealthy. Here, Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, opens up about Meza’s experience with YOR Shake, YOR Essential Vitamins, and other YOR Health products.

Q: What health problems did Fermin Meza experience before turning to YOR Health for help?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Fermin started gaining weight shortly after his teenage years. He wasn’t obese, but was starting to feel uncomfortable about his expanding mid-section. This extra weight made Fermin feel tired and anxious all the time. He wasn’t sure what was causing his clothes to fit tighter since he wasn’t doing anything differently. 

Q: What is the “Big T” diet? 

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Fermin jokes that he ate nothing but tacos, tortillas, tostadas, and tamales for most of his life. He calls this his “Big T” diet. Fermin grew up in a traditional Mexican family where food and dining was essential to his community. Everyone ate the way he did, so he never considered that he might be harming his body.

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John Zhong Credits Tim Brown for Getting “Back” to Normal

Dennis Wong YOR HealthTim Brown, former NFL player and nutrition advocate, is one of YOR Health’s most outspoken supporters, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health events across the country have featured Brown’s testimonial about YOR Repair. It was one of these seminars that led John Zhong, a New York native, to try YOR Repair after suffering a devastating back injury.

Q: How did John Zhong hurt his back?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: John played ball in high school and suffered his first injury then. He recovered after three weeks of agony. When he was 20, John experienced the same type of injury while working out. He was doing a deadlift when his back “snapped.” The pain shot down through his spine and radiated all over. He was terrified of another nearly month-long recovery.

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