About Us

Wong, DennisCalifornia-based Dennis Wong is a Chinese-American businessman and founder of nutritional products provider YOR Health. Dennis Wong, along with his partners, manages the company which markets superior nutrition through a global task force of independent representatives.

Dennis Wong came to the United States in 1968 when he was a toddler. His family relocated from a run-down and overcrowded area of Hong Kong, where they struggled just to put food on the table. This gave Dennis Wong an unhealthy relationship with food. He recalls that he was an overweight child and only understood eating as a mechanism for survival.

Living in California in the 1960s, Dennis Wong experienced the backlashes of white America as fear and prejudice remained, perpetuated by legal segregation. Though the family had escaped extreme poverty, money was still tight and Dennis Wong was not afforded certain luxuries that other children took for granted. This caused Dennis Wong to beg to be returned to Hong Kong where he was not an outcast. Fortunately, his mother – who had been his best friend for his entire life – convinced the future entrepreneur to stay and learn what he could from the wealth surrounding him.

Dennis Wong did stay and then he followed in the footsteps of many other Chinese immigrants by majoring in engineering. He soon decided to begin a career in real estate instead and later transitioned into direct sales of information technology products. After many years rising to the top in business, Dennis Wong was devastated to hear his health was failing. Finding that he was pre-diabetic and in the throes of heart disease, Dennis Wong took it upon himself to learn about nutrition and how food could be used as a catalyst for well-being.

Dennis Wong combined his technical mind, sales experience, and personal goals into building the company that would become YOR Health. He says he has no regrets and credits the research and development of YOR Health for allowing him to be in the best shape of his life today.