Turmeric Oil – What Is It?


Closely related to ginger, turmeric is a native plant of Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries in Asian cooking, dye-making, and healthcare. The rhizomes, or roots, are harvested to produce our highest-quality turmeric oil, which is certified organic and is sourced from agriculture operations that practice sustainable farming.

Turmeric oil has a spicy, mustard-like scent that warms the senses. It has many properties, including pain relief and anti-bacterial functions. It can be used topically to help treat skin infections and to provide relief from joint soreness arising from conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. Turmeric oil is also ideal for digestive ailments such as indigestion. The active phytochemical compounds, such as curcumin, and the terpenes in the essential oils produced from the rhizomes have shown great promise in balancing liver function. Traditionally, the oil is used to help ease the symptoms of coughs, colds, and respiratory infections.   

Add our Live Bare Turmeric Oil to an aromatherapy diffuser to provide warmth and sensory invigoration, boosting energy while you inhale its spicy fragrance. It pairs nicely with other essential oils in aromatherapy, including grapefruit and ginger. Or, use it topically for natural pain relief. We believe our Live Bare Turmeric Oil is of the highest quality available and is free of chemical residues and artificial ingredients.

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