Spotlight: Jonathan Browne

Browne yor health success storyNavy veteran Jonathan Brown is a martial arts expert whose outside never reflected the poor performance of his inside, says Wong.  Jonathan struggled with digestive issues, hunger, and chronic dehydration until he was finally fed up and wanted his inner strength back.

Jonathan realized one day during a heated sparring match that his young body was performing like someone twice his age. YOR Health products were just what Jonathan needed to help his flexibility and stomach issues. Jonathan started first with YOR Essential Vitamins, which had the added and unexpected benefit of clearing his blemished skin. After several weeks, he realized that he was able to complete complex demonstrations without missing a beat.

Jonathan’s next purchase was chocolate YOR Shake. Jonathan, a self-described candy bar addict, started drinking YOR Shake when the cocoa cravings hit. By reducing the amount of sugar he consumed, Jonathan’s body was able to maintain his natural energy levels. YOR Shake has zero sugar, the average single-serving candy bar can contain 22 g or more.

For Jonathan, says Dennis Wong, products helped him feel on the inside the way people assumed he felt because of his outward appearance. Jonathan is a prime example of how a lean and muscular physique may be hiding uncomfortable issues such as chronic fatigue, bloating, and constipation.

YOR Essential Vitamins is a well-rounded dietary supplement that contains a full panel of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. YOR Essential Vitamins additionally contain a proprietary blend of citrus bioflavonoids and digestive enzymes. By adding this type of quality nutrition product to his diet, Jonathan’s body is able to keep up with his rigorous schedule without mid-day fatigue or discomfort.