Iris Chau – an Inspiration

Iris loses weight with Yor HealthAt just 15-years-old, Brooklyn student Iris Chau lost her mother to liver cancer. 11 years later, Iris was determined not to be a statistic. Here, Dennis Wong shares Iris’ story.

Her freshman year in high school, Iris Chau’s mother became suddenly ill and passed away from liver cancer. In her depression, Iris retreated into herself, losing her confidence and spark for life. She customer describes her teenage years as crushing, as she was neither popular nor pretty. By her senior year, Iris realized that she was meant for better things and hung on to the belief that she was supposed to be someone. Iris knew in her heart she was destined to achieve great things and to inspire others
Iris got her chance shortly after entering college. She had gained the dreaded “Freshman 15” and was an overall emotional wreck. YOR Health entered the picture just when Iris was at her lowest.

When Iris first heard about YOR and the company’s line of premium nutrition products, she was reluctant, fearing that she would fail to reach her weight loss goals even with the proper tools. However, after surrounding herself with an encouraging new network of friends, Iris realized she truly had nothing to lose.

In May 2008, Iris took a leap of faith by ordering her first package of YOR Shake. She had already taken steps toward learning about health and nutrition and made herself understand the relationship between food, calories, and her body.

Customer Iris Chau continues to rely on her newfound network and has reclaimed control of her life. She no longer lurks in the shadows and has no problem being in the spotlight. Iris has realized that the best way to honor her beloved mother is to take care of herself so that her family legacy lives on. She has taken a new role in life, serving as a mentor for others in her former position of hopelessness.