Jimmy Tran, a Journey of Inspiration

https://denniswong.org/2017/02/01/dennis-wong-yor-health-customer-makes-leap-of-faith-for-family/Yor health benefits Jimmy TranWith six children and two jobs, Jimmy Tran has very little time to care for himself and became the answer to this foster father’s prayer when Jimmy’s health started to take a turn for the worse.

Jimmy Tran and his wife are like many other couples; they got married, had a couple of children, and settled into a suburban life in Lowell, Massachusetts. However, Tran’s was not destined to remain a small family for long. While the family was considering an expansion, the couple was presented an opportunity to foster not one, but four children. Without hesitation, the Trans agreed.

With four new mouths to feed, Jimmy, who already work a full-time job, added a part-time position to his busy schedule, says Dennis Wong. This hectic lifestyle did not take long to catch up to Jimmy, who quickly gained 50 pounds and was starting to feel sluggish and uncomfortable in his skin. Jimmy knew he had to do something but after a few months of working two jobs, living at the gym, and avoiding all the foods he loved, Jimmy wasn’t in much better shape.

As reported by Dennis Wong, products have helped Jimmy lose his excess weight and, more importantly, have given him the energy to be the father and husband he was before. Jimmy continues to dote on his six children but says he no longer has to devote the majority of his free time to working out. He takes walks with his family and enjoys sensible dinners around their large dining room table.

Jimmy Tran is an inspiration and an extraordinary example of the joy people can experience when they opened their homes and their hearts.


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