Improving Digestion

Julia Hwang finds yor health helps with digestionDennis Wong and YOR Health co-founder and sister Sophia have spent more than a decade refining their company’s products to focus on one of the largest problems facing people today: poor digestion. Julia Hwang is one of the people who has benefited most from YOR Health’s patented enzyme formulas.

Q: How did Julia’s stomach problems affect her daily life?

Dennis Wong: Julia always felt uncomfortable and bloated. She was chronically dehydrated since she did not drink water. Julia was extremely picky with her foods, and did not make very many healthy choices. Her doctor finally told her that she needed to eat more fruits and vegetables in order to regulate her digestive process.

Q: And did she?

She certainly tried and did start drinking more water. However, she has never been able to bring herself to like certain food groups. Julia started taking YOR Health products to supplement her diet and intake more of the nutrition and fiber she was missing. After a few days, Julia began to feel better. Within three weeks, she was no longer bloated and felt the food she was eating was finally digesting correctly.

Q: Did she change her diet at all?

She has replaced a few of her heavier meals with Chocolate YOR Shake, which keeps her full so she doesn’t reach for junk in between breakfast and lunch.

Q: Has Julia experienced any other results since switching to YOR Health?

Dennis Wong: Her energy levels have risen substantially and she’s actually started to lose weight – something she tried before but always failed. Julia no longer turns to food for comfort when she is stressed and is finally taking the time to read labels and consider the impact the food she puts into her body has on her overall health.


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