Rob Tomaino Beats Father Time

Dennis Wong YOR HealthRob Tomaino looked like every other dad-coach at the baseball field – he was a little bit overweight and softer around the center than he was in his 20s, says Dennis Wong. Here, the YOR Health cofounder explains how Rob dropped 48 pounds and uncovered the body he thought he’d lost.

Q: What prompted Rob Tomaino to try YOR Health products in the first place?

Rob realized around his 40th birthday that he was suddenly rundown and had no mental focus whatsoever. His chronic fatigue and inability to concentrate had begun to affect every aspect of his life, including his relationships and career. He finally decided to seek out ways to improve his energy levels.

Q: And did he?

He did. Rob first started with diet and exercise. It was when he complained to a friend that his body was having trouble recovering that he ordered a few of the products in the YOR Health line. His first purchase was YOR Repair Ultra, based on that friend’s recommendation.

Q: What are Rob’s favorite products?

Rob started with YOR Essential Vitamins, which he felt gave his body the boost of nutrition he was lacking working a full-time job. YOR Shake is his absolute favorite, however, because Rob, like so many adults, has a bit of a sweet tooth.

Q: In addition to regained energy, what effect has YOR Health had on Rob’s life?

Rob noticed soon after starting his day with YOR Shake that he had the energy to wrap up his day at work and still feel like going for a jog or to the gym afterward. He lost 48 pounds – a feat he did not know was possible at his age. Today, Rob proudly sports the physique of someone 15 years his junior.

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