College Student Now Appreciates Health in all Forms

Clear skin before/afterYORHealth has heard countless stories of college students living off fast food and energy drinks for the duration of their degree. Lisa Chang, a Lowell, Massachusetts, student could have very easily wound up in this group if not for a chance encounter with a YOR Health representative.

Q: Why was health and exercise never a concern for Lisa Chang?

Lisa was thin so she assumed that she was healthy. However, she never ate breakfast and considered chicken fingers nutritionally sound. Despite a constant buffet of cheesesteak, sodas, and quesadillas, Lisa managed to maintain her slim figure.
Q: Doesn’t thin mean healthy?

Not necessarily. As Lisa learned, some people metabolize fat quicker than others, despite other health issues. For Lisa, her unhealthy habits materialized in other visible ways – in the form of pimply, oily skin. Though Lisa was confident with her body, how she felt about her face was another story. Lisa would spend hours each day on her hair and makeup, always running to the bathroom to make sure her blemishes were not showing through.

Q: How did Lisa finally beat her skin condition?

One evening after class, Lisa had a conversation with a YOR Health independent representative, who pointed out that a poor diet can manifest in many ways, including through the skin. Lisa ordered YOR Essential Vitamins along with digestive enzymes and our exclusive probiotic product. She also added YOR SuperGreens to her diet, for an added boost of nutrition.

Q: Has any of this made a difference?

Absolutely. Lisa has found that she no longer has to slather on goopy foundation just to feel comfortable facing the world. Her blemishes have all but disappeared and her skin is no longer slick with oil by noon. She is more confident and loves the look and feel of her smoother, more radiant skin.