Dennis Wong Shares YOR Health Stories: Jessica Haar

Dennis Wong YOR HealthJessica Haar was raised by single yet doting father, two uncles, and grandfather. Without a woman’s influence, Jessica grew up “eating like a man.” In college, Jessica continued her masculine dining approach by drinking lots of beer and eating entirely too much fast food. Here, Dennis Wong of YOR Health shares how Jessica went from 185 pounds to a size four in less than a year.

Q: How did Jessica’s upbringing affect her relationship with food?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Jessica’s dad, who had two children by the age of 24, raised his family without the influence of a woman. He was busy all the time and never had a chance to sit down and have dinner with Jessica. This meant that Jessica had a casual relationship with food and never really considered it as anything other than a means to survive.

Q: Why was it so hard for Jessica to learn about nutrition as she entered high school?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: When Jessica started high school, she went from a chubby little girl to an active and attractive young athlete. She — along with boys she had known her entire life – begin to take notice of her changing body. Living in a small town, however, made it tough for Jessica to find anyone who could counsel her on her nutritional needs.

Q: When Jessica left for college, how did things change?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Jessica started her freshman year only at a healthy 135 pounds. By the time she was a junior, she was an unhealthy, lethargic, and perpetually sleepy 185 pounds. She realized her senior year that she could not continue to chug beers and eat cheesy fries with the guys and also have the curvy figure that she so desired.

Q: How has YOR Health helped Jessica change her eating habits?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Jessica started a product regimen that includes YOR Digest Ultra, YOR Probiotics Ultra, and YOR Repair Ultra. Between May and December, Jessica lost all of her excess body fat and was proudly sporting size four pants. She has started to pay attention to what she puts in her body and has learned to look at food as a source of fuel instead of a source of fun.


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