Clear Skin is just the Beginning

Dennis Wong YOR HealthBen Howard used to hide in the shadows, despite being in the limelight, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains how Howard overcame his skin problems and gained the confidence to face the world in the following brief interview.

Q: How did Ben Howard’s life as a musician affect his ability to maintain a proper hygiene routine?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Ben spent most of his summers traveling from venue to venue. On these trips, he would be sometimes go without access to a bathroom for days at a time. This was problematic since Ben performed outdoors on most occasions and would sweat profusely. He also ate a poor diet during these concerts, stuffing whatever he could get for free into his mouth between sets.

Q: Did Ben’s acne take a toll on his musical abilities?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: There were times that his back and body would be so broken out that it hurt to move around and give it is all. The worst part for Ben, however, was that he was so keenly aware of his appearance that he tried to remain off center stage when he could.

Q: Which medications did Ben try to soothe his skin?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: One winter, realizing that the cool weather did not offer a respite from his suffering, Ben finally went to see a dermatologist. He was prescribed one ointment after another and none made any significant difference.

Q: How have YOR Health products changed the way Ben feels about his skin?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Ben was introduced to YOR Health by a friend who noticed Ben’s discomfort with his skin. Reluctantly, he started taking YOR Essential Vitamin. After a month, Ben’s skin was visibly “calmer” and no longer red and swollen. His chest and torso cleared and Ben finally got to see how nutrition affected not only the way the body feels but also how it looks as well.


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