Tips to Gain Muscle

Dennis Wong YOR HealthAchieving your fitness goals is tough, acknowledges Dennis Wong of YOR Health. But it is possible with a little persistence and the right balance of nutrition. Here, Wong discusses one success story and shares insight on how to lose weight and gain muscle.

Q: How did Kevin Nadolny sabotaged his own fitness routine?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Kevin spent years keeping up with the same workout routine but never did anything to boost his nutrition. As a result, Kevin remained thin but lacked the muscle definition he so desired. Today, Kevin varies his routine from day to day and plays soccer at least once a week. He has also supplemented his diet with YOR Shake.

Q: How has this helped?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: By adding additional protein, Kevin’s body was able to more efficiently build muscles.

Q: Is protein the secret to gaining muscle and losing fat?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: There is no real secret to doing so. However, protein is essential for both. Additionally, the body uses protein to make hormones and enzymes and is one of the major building blocks of skin, cartilage, bone, and blood. People who lack protein in their diet cannot build and repair tissues as effectively as those who consume meat, nuts, or other sources.

Q: What are some ways to build muscle?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: One of the biggest mistakes that many bodybuilders make is simply not consuming enough calories, which are essential for energy, stamina, and recovery. Additionally, the body needs rest. Most fitness experts suggest resting at least three days a week to allow the muscles time to recover and grow. Athletes need plenty of food, sleep, and water along with approximately 1 g of protein per pound of body weight. Varied workouts lead to greater gains, so it’s important to change things up every so often. Keep in mind that free weights are the most effective method to build muscle.


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