YOR SuperGreens a Tasty Treat

Dennis Wong YOR HealthHelen Jiang, a YOR Health customer from New Jersey, is anti-vegetable at the dinner table, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder here explains how Jiang gets her daily dose of fiber in a delicious diversion from all forms of garden fare.

Q: What is YOR SuperGreens?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: YOR SuperGreens is a drink mix offered exclusively by YOR Health. Each serving whips up a winning combination equivalent to 24 fruits and vegetables, offering support for every system and cell in the body. Packed full of enzymes, antioxidants, and probiotics, YOR SuperGreens’ vegetable extracts are a natural way to restore energy and maintain regularity.

Q: But how does it taste?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: YOR SuperGreens adds an earthy flavor to water, juice, and YOR Shake. It is actually very tasty, with hints of sweetness. It might be temporarily off-putting for people like Helen Jiang, who honestly hate the thought of vegetables. Jiang came around after a few weeks and realized her aversion to vegetables was all in her head. She now looks forward to drinking her SuperGreens.

Q: How can SuperGreens save you money?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: SuperGreens is an affordable alternative to filling your plate with fresh, organic vegetables. One package contains 28 serving, each delivering enough antioxidants to replace two dozen fruits and vegetables. Eating that much food would be cost prohibitive, especially in the off season when eating natural foods is more expensive. While SuperGreens should not be used as a replacement for actual food, it is an exceptional supplement.

Q: Does YOR SuperGreens help with constipation?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: People who do not eat vegetables likely do not get enough fiber in their diet. Each serving of YOR SuperGreens provides 8% of a person’s fiber needs, along with a digestive probiotic blend. Together, this may help increase a person’s bathroom visits and relieve constipation. Jiang experienced this first hand within weeks of adding YOR SuperGreens to her diet.