Emotional Issues Related to Weight

Dennis Wong YOR HealthRae Estupinan lost the love of his life due to rapid and significant weight gain. Here, Dennis Wong of YOR Health – the company Estupinan credits with saving his life – discusses how weight changed the way Estupinan looked on the outside, felt inside, and was viewed by others.

Q: What triggered Estupinan’s weight gain?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Rae grew up in a large Ecuadorian family. He “lived off the land,” eating healthy, organic foods. Though always a big eater, as is his family’s tradition, Rae remained lean and healthy. Upon moving to the US, Rae’s lifestyle changed dramatically. He was no longer as active as he was on his family farm and he gained 70 pounds in six months, despite not changing his diet.

Q: That is a great deal of weight to put on in such a short time. How did it affect his relationships?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Soon after Rae arrived in New York, he met the women he thought he was destined to marry. They were happy for a short time until his weight began to interfere. He was no longer the man she met; he had transformed into an unhealthy and insecure person. She tried to encourage him to lose weight, but he couldn’t. Feeling like his weight was an unfair burden on her, Rae’s girlfriend left the relationship.

Q: Is it common for people to leave a relationship based on their partner’s changing physical appearance?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: It is, yes. Often, the partner who has not changed feels betrayed that their lover has let themselves go; the heavier partner may no longer be attractive to the other.

Q: How did Rae’s life change when he began taking YOR Health products?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Rae lost 40 pounds in two months and continues to inch closer to his original weight. His confidence levels have risen along with his energy. Rae still mourns his lost love, but he understands her position. Rae is back on the dating scene and looks forward to his next meaningful relationship.