YOR Health Helps Leo Bailey Overcome Fears

Dennis WongLeo Bailey tried everything to gain weight as a child. According to Dennis Wong, the YOR Health customer reports being 30 pounds or more underweight until he was a teenager. During these formative years, one of Leo’s family members warned him that should he ever get fat he would die a slow and lonely death.

By 16, Leo began, like all teenage boys, noticing changes in his body. Muscles began to develop and small fat deposits form around his chest and stomach. According to Dennis Wong of YOR Health, this transformation into adulthood was a scary time for Leo, who still held a fear of gaining weight from the words spoken so many years before. Leo, scared and afraid to admit his misgivings about his new adult body, secretly began to starve himself and work out to the point of physical and mental exhaustion.

Just after high school at 19, Leo got his first job, following in his friend’s footsteps straight to a local fast food restaurant, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health cofounder says this move had a profound effect on Leo, who soon began eating burgers and fries almost daily. Coffee, too, became a staple for the young man who began experiencing vertigo and hand tremors every time he got hungry. It only made sense to him to grab the closest food at hand, a mistake that would push this formerly vibrant California man into a deep depression.

Dennis Wong and YOR Health were introduced to Leo not long after his 20th birthday, after having gained nearly 30 pounds. At the time, he tried everything and felt he had nothing to lose. To his astonishment, he soon shed 21 pounds. This was just the boost Leo needed to realize that it was he who controlled his own destiny.

Dennis Wong of YOR Health says that Leo Bailey continues to pay attention to his health. He is healthy and lean with muscle and is no longer ashamed of how he looks.

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