Ali Taner Develops Muscle, Praises YOR Health

Dennis Wong YOR HealthAli Taner had to make a choice between his health and education. He chose school, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains below how Taner reclaimed his health once he had his degree in hand.

Q: What was Ali Taner’s biggest complaint about his body?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Though Ali was never excessively overweight, he gained several pounds during college and had trouble developing muscle. To his disdain, he wasn’t as physically as capable as he knew he could be with proper training and nutrition.

Q: What fears kept initially Ali from trying YOR Health products?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Ali had tried numerous other meal replacement shakes throughout his teenage years. His biggest turnoff was taste and he assumed that YOR Health YOR Shake would be no different. Thankfully, he was wrong!

Q: How has becoming more active in Sambo allowed Ali to change his physique?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Sambo is a Russian military martial arts hand-to-hand combat technique. It was developed in the early 1920s by the Red Army and combines the best and most effective techniques of numerous other martial arts disciplines. Sambo, similar to krav maga, is a weapons-free form of self-defense and has gained a following amongst martial arts enthusiast. It utilizes the entire body, allowing Ali to burn fat and build muscle in places he never could before.

Q: Have Ali Taner’s priorities change since graduating college?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Ali has always been one to put his education ahead of everything else. Once he graduated, Ali was finally able to divert his best efforts to his health and well-being. While he continues to prize work and has plans to further his education in the future, Ali now spend the majority of his free time with family, friends, and focusing on his health at the gym or through his sport.


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