YOR Health Spotlights Adan Costas

Dennis Wong YOR HealthA busy college student, Adan Costas got by day to day on energy drinks and candy bars until he discovered a new way to power his body. Here, Dennis Wong of YOR Health outlines Costas’ story and explains how the Courtepin, Friborg-Switzerland, college student turned his life around.

Q: What kind of diet did Adan Costas have when he discovered YOR Health?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Adan tried to eat healthy, but he was always in a hurry and had to eat on-the-go. His usual morning meal was comprised of coffee or an energy drink and a candy bar. Basically, he ate what he could get at the train station on his way to school.

Q: How did Adan’s health suffer because of his eating habits?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Adan had terrible headaches and fatigue. He used to fall asleep on the train en route to his college and then again every 15 minutes in class. By noon, hungry and still tired, Adan would eat something in an attempt to boost his energy levels but fast food was the only thing within reach. He made it home in the evenings to eat his first healthy meal of the day with his family.

Q: What changed that convinced Adan to alter his lifestyle for the better?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: He finally realized that his education was taking a hit and asked his friends for advice. After trying everything that was suggested to him, Adan purchased YOR Shake and YOR Essential Vitamins at the recommendation of a friend.

Q: How has YOR Health impacted Adan’s life?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Adan starts each day with a YOR Shake and two Essential Vitamins. His energy levels have skyrocketed and he no longer lugs himself to the corner market for a pre-packaged breakfast. His grades have improved and, thanks to his newfound confidence, his smile muscles are getting more of a workout than ever before.


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