YOR Health Customer Makes Leap of Faith for Family

Dennis WongFrank Rojas sacrificed his physical health to make a better life for his young family. However, according to Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, Rojas was headed down a path that could easily take him from his wife and child.

Q: How did Frank Rojas change his eating and exercise habits once he learned he was to become a father?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Frank had always been a fit and active specimen of perfect health. However, when his girlfriend announced their impending parenthood, he immediately went into protective father mode, working as much as he could to ensure a better life for his child. This meant regular late-night stops at McDonald’s and less time to exercise.

Q: Is this normal for new parents?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: The majority of new moms and dads I have known tend to switch their focus sharply from themselves and their own health toward the well-being of their children. This is a perfectly normal reaction but one that can have unwanted consequences. A lack of exercise and poor diet can lead to long-term health conditions that can ultimately make it more difficult to spend time with those you love the most.

Q: How did Frank Rojas reclaim his health?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Shortly after the birth of his first child, Frank was introduced to YOR Health’s YOR Shake. He decided to give it a try since it only had 140 calories and contained no sugar – something he felt was of the utmost importance. Throughout the first eight weeks, Frank did not change any other part of his daily routine but managed to lose 15 pounds.

Q: What is Frank up to now?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Frank continues to enjoy fatherhood and has lost a total of 26 pounds. He has managed to keep his weight in check so that he can be the father on the outside that he is on the inside.


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