Spotlight Customer Fermin Meza

Dennis Wong YOR HealthFermin Meza learned to walk away from the “Big T” diet thanks to YOR Health. The El Monte, California, man grew up eating traditional Mexican fare, not realizing that his home cooked meals might be unhealthy. Here, Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, opens up about Meza’s experience with YOR Shake, YOR Essential Vitamins, and other YOR Health products.

Q: What health problems did Fermin Meza experience before turning to YOR Health for help?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Fermin started gaining weight shortly after his teenage years. He wasn’t obese, but was starting to feel uncomfortable about his expanding mid-section. This extra weight made Fermin feel tired and anxious all the time. He wasn’t sure what was causing his clothes to fit tighter since he wasn’t doing anything differently. 

Q: What is the “Big T” diet? 

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Fermin jokes that he ate nothing but tacos, tortillas, tostadas, and tamales for most of his life. He calls this his “Big T” diet. Fermin grew up in a traditional Mexican family where food and dining was essential to his community. Everyone ate the way he did, so he never considered that he might be harming his body.

Q: When did Fermin realize he needed help? 

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Fermin and his wife started having problems when Fermin was too tired to help around the house. He started to think that maybe he needed more energy, but wasn’t really sure how to get it without drinking coffee and sodas all day.

Q: How have YOR Health products become a daily part of Fermin’s life?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Fermin drinks a YOR Shake every day to fill his body with nutrients that were missing from his carb-, cheese-, and meat-heavy diet. He takes his YOR Essential Vitamins daily, as well. Today, Fermin actually helps his wife clean their home and take care of their family. The couples are doing better than ever, and Fermin has not only lost weight but gained a new, healthy lifestyle.