John Zhong Credits Tim Brown for Getting “Back” to Normal

Dennis Wong YOR HealthTim Brown, former NFL player and nutrition advocate, is one of YOR Health’s most outspoken supporters, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health events across the country have featured Brown’s testimonial about YOR Repair. It was one of these seminars that led John Zhong, a New York native, to try YOR Repair after suffering a devastating back injury.

Q: How did John Zhong hurt his back?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: John played ball in high school and suffered his first injury then. He recovered after three weeks of agony. When he was 20, John experienced the same type of injury while working out. He was doing a deadlift when his back “snapped.” The pain shot down through his spine and radiated all over. He was terrified of another nearly month-long recovery.

Q: Why did John go across the country to attend a YOR Health event in Las Vegas? 

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: John had been hearing about YOR Health from friends and family for two years when he hurt his back. A friend told him that one of his idols, Tim Brown, was going to speak at an event in Nevada. John didn’t hesitate to get plane tickets the very next day.

Q: Has Tim Brown used YOR Repair effectively? 

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Tim played football most of his life and because of that, his back, neck, and most of his joints were in bad shape. Tim’s first experience with YOR Repair was several years ago, when he “loaded up” on them. After a few days, even his pain-ravaged body felt better. That’s one of the things he talks about during his appearances.

Q: Did it work for John? 

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: John bought a bottle of YOR Repair the day of the seminar. Six days later, he was pain free and has used YOR Repair ever since to keep his body in prime shape to repair itself after his grueling work and work-out schedules.


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