YOR Health Offers Education to Customers

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong says YOR Health is much more than a nutritional supplement provider. He believes the most important thing he can provide to YOR Health customers is information. Here, Wong briefly discusses customer Jessica Haar and how this Cincinnati, Ohio, woman benefited from her newly-acquired understanding of the body.

Q: How did Jessica’s upbringing affect her diet?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Jessica was raised by her young single father, a grandfather, and two uncles. Being the lone young lady in a house full of men, Jessica ate the way they did. She ate burgers, fries, and anything else that was put in front of her. Her dad rarely had time for full meals and there was absolutely no conversation about nutrition.

Q: When did Jessica realize she had a problem with her weight?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: As a child, Jessica was always a bit overweight and very self-conscious. One of her worst memories is when she was asked if she had swallowed a basketball. Fortunately, by the time she was in junior high, Jessica became very active in sports and transitioned from a chubby child to a lean teen.

Q: Did Jessica’s physical activity continue into her college years?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Jessica was active all through high school but maintained her “doughnuts and candy” diet. When she started college, she picked up a social drinking habit and began living off fast food. By her junior year, Jessica had gained 45 pounds and went from 135 pounds to an unhealthy 180 pounds.

Q: Have YOR Health products helped Jessica take back control of her weight?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Jessica credits what she has learned since becoming a YOR Health customer just as much as she credits the products for helping her get back in shape. Before discovering YOR Health, Jessica never really understood that food was fuel and that the body needed real food to thrive. Today, she maintains a regimen of YOR Digest Ultra, YOR Probiotics Ultra, and YOR SuperGreens and finally fits back into a size 6 pair of jeans.