Lisa Chang Finds Health

Dennis Wong YOR HealthLisa Chang from Lowell, MA, was introduced to YOR Health at the end of her junior year in college, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health customer has since regained the heath she did not know was lost and learned to appreciate the value of real nutrition.

Q: What health issues convinced Lisa to try YOR Health?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Lisa wasn’t necessarily concerned with her health – it was her skin that had her worried. The young woman suffered from breakouts and oily skin during much of her teenage years. As she entered adulthood, her skin only got worse. When a friend told her about YOR Health YOR Digest Ultra, YOR Essential Vitamins, and YOR Repair Ultra, Lisa thought it was worth a shot to see if poor nutrition had anything to do with her skin problems.

Q: How bad were Lisa’s eating habits?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Lisa was very petite at just 115 pounds. Because of this, she never really worried about her diet. She ate greasy foods – her favorites were chicken fingers and quesadillas – and consumed sodas whenever she wanted. Some days, Lisa ate just one meal and never really considered what she was doing to her body.

Q: Did YOR Health help Lisa change her diet?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Lisa found an amazing support system with her YOR Health family. She learned that what she puts into her body is paramount to how it looks on the outside. Lisa has added probiotics and starts her day with a healthy and delicious YOR Shake and/or YOR SuperGreens. She has learned to pay attention to what she eats and no longer subsists off greasy dorm food.

Q: How has Lisa skin changed?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Her skin is brighter and more beautiful than ever. Lisa has no problem walking out the door with no makeup and reports her self-confidence is through the roof!