YOR Health Spotlight Linda Chum

Dennis Wong YOR HealthFood was an integral part of Linda Chum’s childhood, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains that Linda’s love of food, however, became a thing of fear around the age of nine, when constant bloating and stomach pains began. After each meal, Linda’s stomach would distend and the rumbling in her gut signaled pain was imminent.

Dennis Wong of YOR Health says Linda’s family told her the gas and tummy upset were normal. Linda felt differently and finally asked to see a doctor. As it turned out, Linda, whose favorite foods were milk and cereal and milk and cookies, was lactose intolerant. Linda soon restricted all dairy from her diet, but the stomach issues persisted. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health brand probiotics and digestive enzymes were exactly what Linda needed to sooth her stomach.

Linda began researching Dennis Wong, YOR Health products, and the science behind YOR Health’s formulas. Though only half convinced, Linda started taking YOR Digest Ultra and the probiotics. Nothing really changed for the first week and Linda voiced her concerns to the friend who had introduced her to the products. What Linda found out was that she was “backed up” and that the years of neglect to her health would not go away overnight.

Two weeks after starting a YOR Health product regime, Linda’s stomach issues subsided. Dennis Wong says YOR Health YOR Digest Ultra helps Linda’s body breakdown the food she eats in a way that is conducive to healthy bowel movements. Her gut is getting back into balance with the probiotics. These two seemingly small internal changes have made a huge difference on how Linda looks and feels. She no longer feels as though she has to hide her belly and can eat the foods she loves without fear of pain and discomfort.