YOR Health Aids in Post-op Surgery

Dennis Wong YOR HealthMr. Sylla always ate a balanced diet. A lifelong athlete, Mr. Sylla felt he was indestructible, says Dennis Wong of YOR Health. However, the former competitor noticed one thing throughout his life that he just couldn’t control – he always felt bloated. Sylla thought his digestion could be better, and as it turns out, he was right. He had a digestive disorder which eventually led to diverticulitis and later a severe intestinal infection.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, Mr. Sylla underwent an extensive surgery in February of 2009 to correct a perforated intestine. He spent two weeks in the hospital without solid food or liquids. It was during this time that Mr. Sylla realized he had a real problem, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health was recommended to Mr. Sylla by his daughter Nadine. She explained to her father that YOR Health was scientifically backed and offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee on its products. Without hesitation, Mr. Sylla ordered the YOR Digestive Enzymes, YOR Repair Ultra, and YOR Probiotics Ultra.

Mr. Sylla left the hospital dreading recovery. However, Dennis Wong and YOR Health were right beside him, helping his body get what it needed to make a full recovery. Mr. Sylla says he believes the three products made his recovery time that much shorter and without problems.

Dennis Wong of YOR Health reports that Mr. Sylla continues to pay attention to his health. He is still taking his YOR Repair Ultra, YOR Probiotics Ultra, and YOR Digestive Enzymes and has since enjoyed expedient and complete digestion. Mr. Sylla no longer feels bloated and sluggish after eating and has come to truly understand how the body interprets the sustenance it is given.

Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the company’s global staff and affiliates wish Mr. Sylla continued health, wealth, and happiness.


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