19 Pounds and a New Life

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong of YOR Health reads hundreds of testimonials every week about how his company’s products have helped everyday people overcome extraordinary obstacles where their health is concerned. Few stories are more inspiring than Kiodermi Mieses’, a 27-year-old from New York who truly believed she would never fit in.

At 14 years old, Kiodermi entered high school a vibrant and bubbling teenager. That changed by the end of the first day. Entering a new school, Kiodermi learned exactly how cruel kids can be and she was relentlessly tortured for her weight. This resulted in a complete loss of confidence, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder says Kiodermi’s story really struck a chord with him, as he had also experienced difficulties with peers in his youth.

Kiodermi graduated high school but kept her insecurities into her 20s. She tried every diet she could, even resorting to “starving” the fat away. It never worked, and Kiodermi believed she was destined to be round and ridiculed, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health was taking steps at this very same time to launch a new line of weight management supplements. Little did Kiodermi know that her lowest point would fortuitously coincide with YOR Health’s nationwide launch of YOR CompleteBurn and YOR MRP (now YOR Shake).

They say timing is everything and that turned out to be true for Kiodermi, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health YOR CompleteBurn was launched right when Kiodermi felt that she had no other last resort. Ppicking herself up once again, she decided to try it. After just a few weeks, Kiodermi lost 19 pounds and found that she had more energy than ever before. Today, this native New Yorker says she’s found a new lease on life and credit Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and her newfound family of like-minded adults with similar goals of putting their health first.