Ted Riegel Credits YOR Health for New Lease on Life

Dennis Wong YOR HealthWhen Ted Riegel was a teenager, he experienced a degenerative condition that resulted in a double knee surgery. Afterwards he only experienced mild discomfort, says Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder. However, that changed a few years ago and Ted began having difficulty walking.

According to Dennis Wong of YOR Health, when Ted was 54, his movement became so restricted that everyday tasks caused him constant pain. He would walk a few feet and feel a deep discomfort in his left knee. It became harder to work and to spend quality time with his active family. Ted did not know what he was going to do until a chance conversation about YOR Repair Ultra led the Carlisle, Ohio, man to Dennis Wong and YOR Health, at that time a little-known California company promoting high-quality health and nutrition supplements.

Ted was skeptical at first, but was told he could get his money back if things didn’t work out. Dennis Wong says YOR Health YOR Repair Ultra did not take long to change Ted’s mind. He started with four capsules twice a day. He did this for a week and noticed a dramatic change in his knee. Ted was able to reduce his intake to just two capsules twice a day with the same results.

Today, Ted Riegel is back to being himself and enjoys unrestricted movements once again. He is healthy, happy, and able to carry on day-to-day without the pain and discomfort that he had grown so accustomed to living with. He no longer fears what effect age will have on his body.

YOR Repair Ultra works for Ted and thousands of other people across the globe. For more information about Dennis Wong, YOR Health, YOR Repair Ultra, or any of YOR Health’s other lifestyle enhancing products, visit YORHealth.com.