YOR Health Offers Energy, Weight Loss, and More

Cathy-TienAt 30 years old, Cathy Tien found herself unable to keep up with her young daughter. Between a terrible diet, an unfortunate smoking habit, and depression, Cathy’s life was falling apart, and her health was the first to go. Dennis Wong of YOR Health shares Cathy’s story of health and healing.

Q: What life event triggered Cathy’s depression?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Cathy married young and had a daughter. She and her husband lived an active and healthy life until he was killed in a car accident. After that, Cathy felt alone in the world. With a daughter to raise and no one to support her emotionally, Cathy turned to food and cigarettes for comfort.

Q: How did these bad habits affect Cathy’s physical health?

Dennis Wong, YOR health: Smoking damaged Cathy’s lungs, which made it difficult to exercise, even in the moments she felt up to it. Her body was weak and she felt tired all the time. Cathy managed to quit smoking but gained 20 pounds in the process.

Q: Which YOR Health products does Cathy now use?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Cathy found YOR Health when she was almost ready to give up. The first products she ordered were the YOR Essential Vitamins, YOR Shake, and YOR CompleteBurn. These three powerful supplements helped Cathy lose the weight and regain the figure she had before becoming a mother. As an added benefit, her body is beginning to recover from years of toxic smoke inhalation and she has the energy to work out once again.

Q: How has Cathy’s life changed overall?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Cathy altered her lifestyle completely. She eats the right foods, goes to the gym, and stays active with her daughter, Jade. She says that she no longer fears that her little girl will have to live without both parents. While the two still mourn the tragic loss of their husband and father, regaining her health has given Cathy hope that she will eventually heal.


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