YOR Health Stops “Weighting” Game for NJ Man

Chester-LeungFor the better part of his life, Chester Leung played dangerous games with his health, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health co-founder Wong explains that Chester was on a pendulum from obese to underweight, with no in between. This constant roller coaster left Chester unhealthy from the inside out. Here, Wong explains how Chester’s physical health wasn’t the only part of him that suffered.

Q: How is it possible to go from one weight extreme to the other?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: In Chester’s case, it was his food intake, or the lack thereof. He was a heavy child growing up, topping out at 220 pounds by his 18th birthday. As a teenager and young adult, Chester would binge diet and workout constantly. While he really did not have issues losing the weight, he was so unhealthy when he was thin that his family became concerned for his life.

Q: What diets did Chester try before finding YOR Health?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Aside from just starving himself, Chester experimented with every crazy fad diet he came across. Not surprisingly, his food intake wasn’t enough to sustain his body and he would gain the weight back as his metabolism shut down. Even the barrage of fat burners Chester started taking did not help.

Q: Did Chester work out to gain muscle?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: He tried! Chester went to the gym constantly, but even when he was eating right, he had no muscle definition. He felt weak. Worse, Chester’s self-esteem took a nosedive and he remembers never feeling “good enough.” He was teetering on the edge of depression and possible malnutrition when a friend introduced him to the YOR Health line of nutritional products.

Q: Has YOR Health taken the guesswork out of Chester’s routine?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Yes, and not a minute too soon. Chester lost several pounds of “flab” but gained an impressive physique within eight weeks of supplementing with some of YOR Health’s most popular products, YOR Shake, YOR Essential Vitamin, and YOR CompleteBurn. He credits YOR Health for helping him maintain a healthy body without resorting to extreme dieting.