YOR Health Spotlight Angely Rojas

Angely-RojasAngely Rojas was a slim young woman from the Bronx. An avid runner, Angely never put much thought into her weight. At a petite 5’1”, Angely weighed in at a healthy 103 to 113 pounds throughout her teen years. However, according to Dennis Wong of YOR Health, that all changed in college.

Q: Did Angely suffer from the dreaded “Freshman 15?”

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Now, Angely didn’t gain a pound her freshman year. It was later in college when her unhealthy lifestyle caught up with her. By graduation, she weighed 123 pounds. While that might sound like a dream come true for many women, that’s 20 pounds heavier than Angely’s frame was accustomed to. She wasn’t happy about her body and she knew she needed to make a change.Q: You mentioned an “unhealthy lifestyle.” Could you explain?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Like many college students, Angely spent a great deal of time at the campus cafeteria and with friends at local pubs – some days, her only vegetable intake was pizza sauce! Her evenings were split between midnight study sessions and social gatherings and sleep was almost nonexistent.

Q: How did the lack of sleep affect Angely’s weight?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Any time the body doesn’t get the rest it needs, it is harder to wake up motivated. Angely had trouble rolling out of bed most mornings, and forget going to the gym!

Q: What impact have YOR Health products had on Angely’s life?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Angely has slimmed back down to 107 pounds with the help of YOR CompleteBurn and YOR Shake. More importantly, the nutrients in these products, along with YOR Essential Vitamins, let Angely fall asleep faster and wake up ready to tackle the day. Angely has graduated from college and started her professional career on a high note, and in perfect health.