YOR Health Help College Student Regain Control of Health

Kevin-CummingsDennis Wong says YOR Health isn’t just about weight loss. Losing weight is but one side effect of putting real nutrition into the body. Kevin Cummings, a college student from New York, recently found out just exactly how important this is. Here, Wong explains Kevin’s plight and the fight for his health.

Q: Was Kevin Cummings an overweight child?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: No, actually. Kevin says he was fairly lean throughout high school. His weight was never really something that affected his daily life. He played sports and stayed active all the time. It wasn’t until Kevin started college that he saw his waistline start to expand.

Q: How did Kevin’s eating habits change once he started at the university?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Kevin maintained a three-meal-per-day schedule, never considering the fact that the food he was consuming was processed cafeteria food and not the homemade meals he was used to. He also began the customary night vigil of studying until the early morning hours and would snack during this time. The sudden change in diet left Kevin bloated and 30 pounds heavier, within just a few months.

Q: Did Kevin lose weight quickly after adding YOR Health products to his diet?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Yes! Kevin dropped 16 pounds in two weeks and soon lost another 15 pounds. Today, he’s 31 pounds lighter than he was at his heaviest, and a pound less than he weighed at the time of his high school graduation.

Q: What else has changed for Kevin?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: He had to go shopping for new clothes when nothing fit anymore! Kevin also now understands how even a healthy-looking person can walk around with a “time bomb” in their gut. He’s now opting to pack his own meals that include fruits, veggies, and lean meats as a late night snack.