YOR Health Team up to Bring “Champ” Back

Dennis Wong YOR HealthChamp Morgan went from being late for work nearly every day to being on top of his game from sunrise to sunset. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health helped this Bronx native regain his game by fueling his body.

Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, says there are few people with a story as inspiring as Champ Morgan’s. Morgan, a hard-working young professional, struggled for years with low energy and constant fatigue. He would often find himself dozing on the subway and arrive late for work, or miss altogether. It was after such a disheartening experience that Champ decided he needed to find a solution to his overwhelming lack of energy.

Champ asked around and was told to try drinking more coffee and energy drinks or taking over-the-counter stimulants. But he knew these weren’t good for him, so he kept looking, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health was one of Champ’s last resorts, and one he wishes he had heard of sooner. Champ now starts each day with a healthy and delicious YOR Shake, which, at just 140 calories, is a smart alternative to sodas and high-sugar snacks. YOR Shake contains a full spectrum of nutrients, exactly what Champ’s body was missing.

Dennis Wong notes that YOR Health YOR CompleteBurn is part of Champ’s daily routine, too. Champ says YOR CompleteBurn gives him an added boost of energy and works to keep his appetite in check during the day. He no longer feels like eating vending machine food between projects at work and has also enjoyed numerous health benefits because of it. Champ has also lost a few pounds and no longer dreads the alarm clock – a major feat in itself!

Dennis Wong says YOR Health has helped Champ add real nutrition to his busy big city lifestyle and taught the young man there is nothing that can stand in his way. And now, true to his name, Champ Morgan rules his own domain.