YOR Health Customer Loses 20 Pounds in Two Months

Dennis Wong YOR HealthKurt Higgins is lean and ready to tackle the challenges of the day, thanks to Dennis Wong and YOR Health. But that wasn’t always the case. Read on for Kurt’s story.

Kurt Higgins battled his weight throughout his teen and early adult years. He was never obese but, despite his best efforts at the gym, couldn’t shrink his stomach. Kurt felt self-conscious about his body and that led him to try dangerous fad diets, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains that Kurt tried everything he could, including eating nothing but chicken and broccoli for weeks on end. However, he was always hungry and would eventually succumb to carb cravings and wind up heavier than before.

The Westbury, New York, native tried to hide his gut under clothes, but the constant effort to shroud his body took a toll on Kurt. He began to feel like there was no hope. Then, according to Dennis Wong, YOR Health made a timely appearance when Kurt was at his lowest point. Kurt reluctantly ordered the YOR Health YOR CompleteBurn and YOR Shake, believing it was just another hyped up group of supplements with more branding than scientific backing. After a few weeks Kurt began to feel better, but he didn’t say anything to anyone. Within two months, he had lost 20 pounds and couldn’t keep quiet, reports Dennis Wong. YOR Health had given Kurt visible results, even around his waistline.

Kurt’s favorite product is the YOR Shake. He drinks one each morning to start his day off right. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health YOR Shake is packed full of the vitamins Kurt needs to stay energized and focused all day. Kurt now has the drive to work out three to five times a week and his once elusive abs have become his favorite attribute.