Dennis Wong & YOR Health Testimonials | Andrew Wong

Dennis Wong YOR HealthBrooklyn, New York native Andrew Wong was always self-conscious about his skin. Growing up with acne, Andrew felt like he stuck out – and not in a good way. According to Dennis Wong (YOR Health co-founder, no relation to Andrew Wong), Andrew’s parents spent thousands of dollars on dermatologists and treatments that never worked. What Andrew found out later was that his acne was the result of poor nutrition on the inside and no amount of “bandaids” on the outside were going to clear his skin.

Dennis Wong says YOR Health YOR Essential Vitamins are formulated with two dozen vitamins and minerals including a proprietary blend of choline, sunflower seed oil, and lutein. In addition to boosting energy production and metabolism, YOR Essential Vitamins support healthy skin and offer a powerful 100 mg dose of the antioxidant CoQ10, which is vital for the basic function of all cells in the body.

YOR Essential Vitamins help people like Andrew overcome the widespread issue of vitamin deficiency. The U.S. Senate estimates that nearly 100% of Americans are vitamin deficient and the American Medical Association claims that most people simply don’t consume enough nutrients in their daily diet. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says for these reasons it’s imperative for most adults to supplement with high-quality vitamins.

Andrew has seen a remarkable improvement in his appearance since he added YOR Essential Vitamins to his daily routine, reports Dennis Wong. The YOR Health customer is often approached by acquaintances begging to know what he’s doing differently. People now comment on Andrew’s “fresh-faced” appearance rather than noticing his blemishes.

With the help of Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the support of the company’s extensive network of customers and health advocates, Andrew found a new normal and has learned that whole health starts at the cellular level.