Dennis Wong & YOR Health Spotlight Sam Adorno

Dennis Wong YOR HealthSam Adorno was an active kid who loved riding his bicycle and running around the neighborhood. His energy levels remained high throughout high school, where he played both basketball and football, says Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder. Sam was 145 pounds at graduation and reports he had never considered that his health was going to take a back burner just a few short months later.

During his freshman year in college, Sam’s lifestyle changed drastically. He was no longer working out and playing sports daily. According to Dennis Wong of YOR Health, Sam gained weight rapidly and lost energy, self-confidence, and stamina. Things stayed relatively the same for Sam throughout his time in the university and he walked across the graduation stage carrying an extra 30 pounds around his midsection.

Sam knew he needed to make a change, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health was exactly what the Stratford, Connecticut, native needed to not only whittle away his excess belly but to help make ends meet. Sam was working a menial job and, like many young men and women finding their way in the professional world, struggled to keep his head above water.

Dennis Wong says YOR Health YOR CompleteBurn was the catalyst that spurred Sam’s push to take back his health. Within three months, Sam lost 18 of the 30 pounds he had gained and started feeling more like his true self. Sam’s weight loss is remarkable but even more so considering that during those crucial first 90 days, he barely even visited the gym.

Today, Sam’s daily routine consist of a YOR Shake for breakfast, a light lunch, and a dinner complete with lean protein and plenty of vegetables. Dennis Wong says YOR Health YOR CompleteBurn between meals and a work out a few times a week have helped Sam add shape to his reformed figure. Sam has taken control of both his health and his finances with the YOR Health line of nutrition.