Dennis Wong & YOR Health Proud to Introduce Nick Bartola

Dennis Wong YOR HealthNick Bartola is a lifelong athlete from New York who suffered with gastrointestinal issues from birth. Bloated and uncomfortable in his midsection, Nick turned to Dennis Wong and YOR Health for relief. He found it with YOR Shake, YOR Essential Vitamins, and YOR CompleteBurn.

As a teenager, Nick never really watched his weight, or his food intake. Coming from an Italian background, food was the focal point of each day, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health ’s co-founder explains that Nick ate pasta, cheese, and desserts nearly every meal. And that kind of diet left him sluggish and craving more carbs within the hour. Just after college, Nick got a job and began to play sports less often. A combination of excess carbs and a sedentary lifestyle left Nick not only gassy and irritable, but filling out in all the wrong ways. In other words, Nick was getting out of shape, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health was introduced to Nick just when he thought he was destined to finish his 20s with a premature “dad bod.”

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health YOR Shake and YOR Essential Vitamins were Nick’s first choice. Nick started drinking a YOR Shake in place of a heavy meal at least twice per day. When he noticed a slight decrease in his weight he soon added the YOR CompleteBurn, which helped him shed 20 pounds in just a few months. The YOR Essential Vitamins with CoQ10 are an added bonus for Nick, because the nutrients they provide have helped ease his tummy troubles, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health has had a huge impact on Nick’s lifestyle choices, and he recently started a daily regimen of the Probiotics.

Today, Nick is healthier than ever and credits YOR Health with opening his eyes to a new way to life…


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