Dennis Wong Says YOR Health Advocate Louis van Amstel a Living Legend


Creator of the LaBlast dance fitness program Louis van Amstel takes his YOR Essential Vitamins with him during his worldwide travels, says company co-founder Dennis Wong. YOR Health is pleased to present the following facts about the popular So You Think You Can Dance star.

Q: Who is Louis van Amstel?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Louis van Amstel is a world-renowned choreographer, dance instructor, and 3-time World Championship Ballroom Dancer. He appeared on Dancing with the Stars for nine seasons, coaching celebrities Neicy Nash, Kelly Osbourne, Lisa Renna, Priscilla Presley, Margaret Cho, and Sabrina Bryan.

Q: How did his experience on Dancing with the Stars focus Amstel’s attention on nutrition, as opposed to just fitness?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Amstel noticed during his time on the show that “regular” people – those who were not already competitive dancers and athletes – had a harder time keeping up when they weren’t well-nourished. He says that he began to see a correlation between what goes into the body and how it performs. This sparked the idea for LaBlast, which incorporates dance, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.

Q: What are Amstel’s favorite YOR Health products?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Amstel has gone on record stating that he doesn’t leave home without his YOR Berry Blast, Vanilla YOR Shake, and YOR Essential Vitamin. He says the combination of these and other YOR Health products gives him the energy he needs to perform at his best.

Q: Can YOR Health customers benefit from LaBlast?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Absolutely! In fact, Louis offers certified LaBlast training programs.  Many of his new instructors use YOR Health products and LaBlast together to help YOR Health customers get the most out of both programs! For more information on this, check out the LaBlast website at


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