Hattie Boydle Inspires Us All, Says Dennis Wong, YOR Health Co-Founder

Dennis Wong YOR Health

Hattie Boydle is an Australian model and professional sports and fitness consultant, according to Dennis Wong. YOR Health is proud to list Boydle as a member of the company’s Athletic Advisory Board. Here, Wong answers some questions about one of YOR Health’s most prominent advocates.

Q: What is significant about Hattie Boydle’s sports modeling career?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: During her five years in the industry, Hattie has won numerous awards. In 2011, she was crowned the INBA Sports Model Champion. In 2013, she placed 1st in the ANB (Australian Natural Bodybuilding) Fitness Model Competition. She has been Miss Bikini Universe as well as Musclemania Model Champion.

Q: How does Boydle utilize YOR Health products in her daily fitness regime?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Hattie starts each day off with YOR SuperGreens, YOR Essential Vitamin, and YOR Probiotics Ultra. She says she has noticed a huge difference in how her body reacts to foods now that she’s gotten her absorption on track through proper digestive health. She is able to pull the nutrients she needs from the food she eats, giving her more energy to focus on her workouts.

Q: What happened in Boydle’s younger days that makes her entrance into modeling such a remarkable story?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: At just 15-years old, Hattie suffered an anorexia-induced collapse and landed in the hospital. Barely 62 pounds (about what the average 9 year old weighs), she was severely malnourished, depressed, and barely able to stand on her own. Hattie says she was over-working her body, trying to live up to unrealistic standards. After this scare, she realized that her body wasn’t something to hate, rather a gift to be cherished. She now enjoys a healthy balance of activity coupled with plenty of rest and, of course, proper nutrition.

Q: How was Hattie introduced to YOR Health customers and IRs?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: We invited her to speak at the 2014 YOR Health Annual Conference in Miami. She shared her story with all of us and made a huge impact on many of our young customers. Our relationship just took off after that!