YOR Health Spotlights Australian Football Star Matthew Bate

Dennis Wong YOR Health

Football is a sport enjoyed across the globe and followed by millions of people, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health brand ambassador Matthew Bate is a player from Down Under who says he’s performing at a higher level because of his newfound nutrition plan. Here, Wong offers fast facts about the Melbourne Demon.

Matthew Bate was drafted at just 17-years old.

While finishing high school, Bate was such a standout player that he was drafted by the Melbourne Demons at age 17, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health reports that Bate was a 1st round pick (13th overall), beating out players with decades more experience.

He won the Morrish Medal before his 18th birthday.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health ambassador Matthew Bate won the Morrish Medal his first year in the professional leagues. This award is given only to the best and most promising players in Australian Rules football.

The Australian Football League lauded Bate as the 2nd best player in 2011.

The VFL (Australian Football League) rated Bate as the 2nd most important player in the league in 2011. In 2009, Bate finished 4th in the Best and Fairest awards, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health notes these accomplishments were not isolated and that Bate previously ranked #3, Best and Fairest.

Bate was introduced to YOR Health by a friend.

Like many IRs and customers, Matthew Bate learned about YOR Health from a friend, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health has since become an important part of Bate’s life, who reports it has helped increase his energy levels during training. Prior to starting this new nutrition regime, Bate was constantly fatigued. He’s now recovering faster and has seen a dramatic increase in his performance levels.