Dennis Wong and YOR Health Highlight Ambassador Michelle Barton

Dennis Wong YOR Health

Ultrarunner Michelle Barton is an inspiration to young women across the globe, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health products have become an integral part of her daily training routine. In this Q&A, Wong offers insight on one of YOR Health’s fastest fans.

Q: Who is Michelle Barton?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Michelle is a world-famous ultrarunner. At just 40 years old, she has accomplished more than 60 victories on tracks all over the country. She found international fame when she won the 135-mile Badwater Buckle race in Death Valley in 2010.

Q: How is an ultramarathon different from a regular marathon?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: An ultramarathon is essentially any race that is longer than 26.219 miles (traditional marathon length). These extended distance events often take place over treacherous terrain such as mountains, dirt roads, and secluded locations, though typically event organizers plan for aid stations every 12 to 24 miles.

Q: How does Barton prepare for her races?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: She trains constantly, up to 5 hours per day, by running, swimming, and mountain biking. She says that, because of her rigorous activity level, she watches her nutrition very carefully. Over the last year, she has won 13 races, a feat she credits partially to the advantages she gets from YOR Health products. Her favorite is the Vanilla YOR Shake, which she says she’s “head over heels” about!

Q: What are some of Michelle Barton’s most well-known triumphs?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Looking at her record, it seems that Michelle reaches victory more often than not. In 2004, she took 1st in her first four events, the WRTS 9KM, 12M, and 13M, and the Lake Hodges 50K. She has since trekked into glory dozens of times. In 2013, she was the first runner to complete the Shadow of the Giants 50K in the secluded Nelder Grove area just outside of Yosemite.