A Dozen Days, A Dozen Ways to Show Your Stuff, Says Dennis Wong, YOR Health

Dennis Wong YOR Health‘Tis the Season and YOR Health jumped into the Holiday Spirit with the #YOR12DAYS giveaway.

Q: What is #YOR12DAYS?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: #YOR12DAYS is a brand new YOR Health Instagram campaign that allows customers and IRs to show off the things that make the season so bright. It’s easy to enter; all it takes is a hashtag and creative mind. Each day for the first twelve days of December, Instagram users can tag #YOR12DAYS on their themed photo – the theme changes every day. Each post is good for one entry into a drawing for a free Core Challenge Set.

Q: How many entries may I submit?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: There is no limit to the number of times that any one person can enter. And, the same photo may be submitted multiple days as long as it correlates to that days’ theme. The only catch is that you can only win once!

Q: What are the themes?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: They will change daily. Day 1, for instance, is Happiness. We ask that all photos on this day illustrate what makes you, our valued YOR Health customer, happy. Other subjects include food, weather, family, and holiday music.

Q: How do winners claim prizes?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Winners (there will be three total) will be announced on December 15th via Instagram. They will have two days to contact YOR Health to claim their prize. Prize packages will be mailed out no later than December 17th.

Q: What is included in the Core Challenge Set?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: This $149 value includes some of YOR Health’s best products: YOR SuperGreens, YOR Digest Ultra, and two flavors of YOR Shake – chocolate and vanilla. Recipients will also receive a Share Kit, YOR Pill Box, and YOR Shaker cup included with the kit.


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