Explanation of Three Elements of Happiness

Dennis WongFrom his humble beginnings in the slums of Hong Kong, Dennis Wong has risen miles above the threshold of poverty to be one of the most noted and successful Chinese entrepreneurs on the West Coast. His company, YOR Health, has helped countless people across the globe gain financial independence and greater health. Today, he shares his thoughts on the three pillars of creating Happiness.

What is happiness?

While this question has plagued philosophers for centuries, happiness is really a simple concept, says Dennis Wong. According to Dennis Wong, happiness is defined by each individual. However, he believes the basic formula is health, wealth and self-awareness. Illustrating this point, Dennis Wong explains that people are rarely unhappy when they are comfortable in their surroundings, physically well, and in the presence of those they love and whom they know love them back.


As the founder of YOR Health, physical well-being is of personal significance to Dennis Wong. He began the company after finding out he was suffering from a handful of silent medical conditions.

Dennis Wong explains that the idea of health is not the same for everyone. For some, feeling healthy means being “thin”. Others strive primarily for a strong heart, lower blood sugar, or improved senses. Dennis Wong further says that individuals in good health are more able to provide for their families, enjoy their surroundings, and complete tasks that require vigor and stamina, thus perpetuating happiness.


The desire to possess means to acquire wants is universal, explains Dennis Wong. In his personal experience, Dennis Wong has suffered through extreme poverty. Growing up and long before founding YOR Health, Dennis Wong lived with a number of families in an extremely poor inner-city neighborhood in Hong Kong. While he enjoyed a close relationship with his mother and siblings, he remembers even as a young child longing for more food, better clothes, or a larger space to play, recalls Dennis Wong.

One of the main benefits of the YOR Health brand, according to Dennis Wong, is that it allows people to enhance their bodies and mind while earning an income. Many of the independent representatives have stated that over the years, the money they have earned helping other people has allowed them the opportunity to get out of debt, pay for an education, and/or support their families.


Knowing who you are and where you belong is vital to living a fulfilled life, says Dennis Wong. This is true for everyone; however, this understanding is likely out of reach for people who are internally unhappy. It all goes full circle to health and wealth, says Dennis Wong. Those who are physically capable and have the financial means to put themselves in a position to realize where their real value lies become more self-aware. And, Dennis Wong believes that in doing so they find themselves in a better position to enjoy life.

In the end, says Dennis Wong, everyone has his or her own baseline of happiness. And, once found, there is always the continual desire for more. The desire to fulfill bigger and better dreams is what put Dennis Wong where he is today. It is his greatest hope that YOR Health continues to allow others to watch their dreams become a reality while improving their health, wealth and self-awareness.

Dennis Wong immigrated with his family to the United States in 1967. After a successful career in real estate, Dennis Wong and a handful of business partners founded YOR Health, which is today one of the nation’s leading distributors of enzyme-based nutrition products.


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