YOR Health Founder Dennis Wong Answers Questions about Network Marketing

Dennis WongFor many individuals the decision to own a business is a life changing experience that requires a strong dedication to success and a huge financial commitment. Network marketing – becoming an Independent Representative for an existing company – is a viable alternative that typically allows considerably more flexibility than traditional entrepreneurship.

Q. Are there risks and fees associated with network marketing?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: In most cases there is a small start-up fee – This can be recovered with hard work and dedication.

Q. Is it possible to work from home?

Dennis Wong: One of the great things about becoming an Independent Representative for a company such as YOR Health is that work can be done from anywhere. Today, with the invention of the smart phone, it is possible to answer e-mails, return calls, and even video-conference regardless of location.

Q. Is it expensive to maintain a network marketing career?

Dennis Wong: With many companies, there is an ongoing investment of product samples, marketing materials, etc. But, the expense is small compared to the cost of having to start a business from the ground up.

Q. What kind of businesses employ network marketing strategies?

Dennis Wong: There are hundreds of companies throughout the United States that use Independent Representatives as a sales force. Many health and beauty companies, kitchen products, and even food and hand tools now utilize this strategy.

Q. Can you choose who you work with in a network marketing organization?

Dennis Wong: Independent Representatives market their products first to people that they know. So, yes, you do get to pick who you spend your time with should one of your friends or family want to join the company as well.

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