Nothing Stops an Individual from Getting to the Top

Dennis WongAmidst one of the most devastating economic downturns of this century, many companies have struggled just to stay afloat. Visions faltering with each economic hit, more and more businesses are crumbling without their goals to anchor them, notes YOR Health founder Dennis Wong. In this brief Q&A, Dennis Wong offers some thoughts on what makes YOR Health successful.

Q: What does “having a vision” mean to you?

Dennis Wong: To have a vision is to have both the motivation and a destination to where you are going. Having a vision allows you to make the right choices and plan for the future in the best way possible. In short, your vision is your dream—the light at the end of the tunnel, your motivation to keep fighting for what you believe in.

Q: What is YOR Health’s goal for the future?

Dennis Wong: Our goal is to bring healthier living, financial happiness, and personal well-being to everyone around the world. Our continuing goal is to provide real solutions with proven results.

Q: What type of products does YOR Health offer?

Dennis Wong: We have strategically designed cutting-edge YOR Health products for digestive health, weight management, energy and fitness, and healthy aging.

Q: YOR Health seems to be a rapidly growing company. How do you explain the company’s success?

Dennis Wong: I credit the achievements of YOR Health to a global need for a superior nutritional company. After all, we all want good health and success!

Q:  How can I become part of the YOR Health team?

Dennis Wong: We have made it possible for anyone to join the YOR Health team and share the benefits of being a part of our growing company. From continent to continent, YOR Health Independent Representatives are spreading the word on the vital importance of digestive health, while earning an income with hard work that multiplies as more people in turn share our revolutionary products.

Dennis Wong is the founder of YOR Health, an Irvine, California-based company that provides nutritional products to global clients. His motto is simple: Give back what you take and share the wealth.