Dennis Wong Explains YOR Health’s Success

Dennis WongYOR Health is nutrition for the future, says founder Dennis Wong. The company offers health and nutrition products ranging from vitamins and supplements to potent meal replacement powders. YOR Health has been helping people reclaim their lives since its inception in 2008.

A clear vision

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health was founded out of necessity. After experiencing some disconcerting health complications himself, Wong knew he needed a way to get himself back on track. This deeply personal connection to the products has given Wong and the entire leadership team real-world experience using the products and thus a clear vision on how to best communicate the company’s message.

Smart marketing

YOR Health doesn’t employ gimmicky marketing tactics to attract its thousands of consumers. Instead, Dennis Wong explains the company relies on scientific data and word-of-mouth to share the company’s mission of health. Each and every representative is a walking example of how the products work and the good they can bring into others’ lives.

Friendly competition

Dennis Wong notes that the company’s global force of representatives are all images in a bigger picture. Through teamwork and an extensive network of supportive leadership—plus the occasional body challenge—YOR Health promotes a family-like atmosphere where representatives are free to share their successes with one another. Unlike many companies who almost encourage cutthroat competition, Dennis Wong says YOR Health reps work together on the greater mission of helping others get well.

Steady growth

By interacting with consumers face to face, the company has grown steadily and avoided many stress points that other, more aggressive nutrition companies have experienced. This has allowed YOR Health to consistently monitor trends among customers and intuitively respond to their needs. Through this patient method of operation, YOR has exceeded growth in excess of 250 percent for the last three years.

YOR Health has been featured three times in Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies list. The company strives for sustainable growth by keeping in constant contact with representatives and consumers alike. Dennis Wong says the company has literally changed his life and he looks forward to a long, healthy and happy future of sharing YOR Health with other like-minded individuals.